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Little known but obvious...

It’s not something I advertise but I do have a PhD in Astro-Physics from Burton-Sewell University.  So you may take it to the bank when I reveal to you that Mars was once a lush green planet with lakes,  mountains and thriving cities filled with…. well…Martians.  There were even statues and monuments celebrating famous Martians of the past.  They had some wonderful eons but then… well I think you can see where this is going… democrat governance… 

Some day a civilization will place a lander on a the torrid, dusty remains of Earth.  The only evidence of a civilization will be a crusty fossilized newspaper describing something called the biden administration…

The Saturday PowerLine cartoons has a larger than normal collection of apolitical cartoons.  Worth checking out if you like silly humor.

I played nine holes with Kayla yesterday.  What a joy.  When I checked in at the counter, I said I was going to join my grand daughter as she finished the front nine.  The man behind the counter said “Kayla is your granddaughter…?  Wow what a sweet kid.  She has more social presence than most adults I know.  I’ve never seen a harder working golfer”.  

Then there is this:


The explanation is left to the reader as an exercise.  The subject does raise this tantalizing question and answer:

Time for my medication…


I’ll try to push family stuff because nothing in the outside world is driving me to happiness.

We took Kayla to USNA on Tuesday.  We met Catherinemargaret and her boys in downtown Annapolis.  The city was moderately crowded and the outside dining areas were very busy.  The Academy grounds are always impressive even though most areas are closed to visitors, including the “Visitors Center”.  We were able to walk the yard and even observe small groups of the incoming class of midshipmen being escorted on orientation.  The weather was kind and the statutes intact.  There is talk of renaming some of the longstanding halls and who knows which monuments may offend someone at some point. Tecumseh the Indian Chief whose statute overlooks the main court must be at risk…  


In other news, Scott has left on a "road trip” to visit his cousin Douglas in Tenn.  Kayla hits golf balls non-stop and then plays 18 holes almost every day.  She is an amazing  girl even if I might be a tad biased.

Remi has been cured of his hot spot.  His foster situation is rapidly moving towards a decision point.  We either need to post him for adoption or decide he will become a family member.  I suspect we will post him, listing the health issues and see if someone has the heart to take him in. Otherwise…

I have long said that the upcoming election will determine the fate of the United States of America.  Are the American people willing to tolerate what the democrat party has become…? If so they deserve what they get. They have a chance to vote to restore American Values… Will they…?

Can I be heard…?

Yes.  I heard about the murder of George Floyd.  I like most of humanity was horrified.  I watched the demonstrations that resulted from the murder and I heard the grievances that were expressed.  I heard the rationalizations of the destructive riots that took human lives in as careless a manner as that which took the life of George Floyd. I heard the excuses made for allowing the destructive anarchy in Seattle, New York and other cities.  I heard corporate America as it went to great lengths to support the movement named Black Lives Matter.  I heard the crashing insanity as mobs took down our history with tacit encouragement from Government.  I heard the fearful acquiescence to lawlessness from elected officials whose responsibility it is to protect society and enforce the laws of this Nation.  I heard people who enjoy the glorious freedoms of America condemn the Constitution and celebration of the 4th of July.  I heard others curse this Nation as they burned our flag.  In shame, I heard my flag being removed from a Virginia building site by government decree for fear of the damage it would incite.

I listened.  Is it my turn yet?

How dare you take down my statues… How dare you burn my flag… How dare you lower the colors I served to defend…  By what authority does a minority of citizens destroy that by which I celebrate my history…? There is no such authority.   Are my rights and my life any less valuable than those from any other group?  No. They are not and that is guaranteed by the same Constitution that allows for peaceful assembly and protest.

Every day in every media outlet from commercial to social, I am judged by the color of my skin.  I am condemned and told I affect a privilege I do not deserve, based on the color of my skin.  Admission to college for people of my skin color is limited.  I am denied access to parts of my city because of my skin color.  In fact, I risk bodily harm should I disregard that limitation to my freedom. 

I thank God for the men and women who risk their lives every day to serve in Law Enforcement.  They are heroes, alongside the firemen and the and other emergency responders.  Do not tell me they as a group are not absolutely vital to the survival of our society. 

I will not hear it.

Happy 4th - Independence Day

Too busy

Jack Bissett is all I’ve got this morning:

Supporting story here


I am trying to recall the last time we beat our slaves… It was probably many years ago and the slaves were our kids… We couldn’t help ourselves because of mind corruption.  We believed in binary genders; loved to take pictures of evil statues; were guilty of radical right wing hate speech; and even enlisted in the fight against communist oppression.  Bring on the reparations… 

How sad that the mayor of Seattle had to endure protestors in her very neighborhood.  Why the outrage of it all.  My address was supposed to be a secret, she wailed… What is with this threat to my property anyway…?  Why can’t they just stick to destroying businesses downtown…?

I need to make this observation:

I’m so relieved…

Hot spot

Poor Remi has one.  He has to wear the cone of shame to prevent licking at the spot.  Not a happy boy.

IMG 2468

Scott and Kayla returned home yesterday.  Kayla was on the golf course immediately.  She is dedicated to that stupid game.  She is playing in a tournament on Thursday.

I’m in hot water here at home.  There were reports that Roscoe was paying bounties to Gracie to poop on the dining room rug.  I failed to react because, to be honest, I wasn’t briefed on the situation.  For Heaven’s sakes… Don’t I have enough to deal with what with Chinese software running amuck on my computer.


It turns out that the St Louis couple who threatened a “peaceful” protest crowds with firearms are BLM supporters and democrats.  Funny how democrats become 2nd Amendment advocates when their own is threatened…  BTW the “peaceful” protestors broke down a fence and then threatened the couple.  They armed themselves after see people in the “peaceful” crowd carrying guns.

This says a lot:



Yesterday we attended the wedding on our grandson Tyler to his longtime fiancé.  The trip took us to Fredericksburg about a 2 1/2 drive.  We allowed and extra hour and still just made it in time.  Stalled car in the bridge tunnel and… well, 95.  It was a beautiful traditional church wedding with mentions of God, Christ and love.

Attendance was limited by the Order of the Governor of the Commonwealth, sir muddlebrain of northam.( see here)  Still, those allowed enjoyed the ceremony and reception in relative safety from the dreaded covid.  To my knowledge, no one was reported to the Virginia State Gestapo for violations…

Remember when the NASCAR driver found a noose in his garage… WOW that was really something.  Such racist activity in today’s climate… Unbelievable… The News Interpreters and the FBI were all over that story…  What…? it wasn’t a noose…?  A garage door pull that had been there for months…?  Gee Whiz I didn’t read about that part…  Oh well at least NASCAR is requiring sensitivity training… Don't want to miss that opportunity.

COVID cases are increasing suddenly. Let’s see what could have happened recently to expose a lot of people…?  Hmmmm  I just can’t think of a thing…

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And to put a point on the racist hysteria…


Everyone has one.  So what’s your opinion on the veracity of polls…?  Should we, of the anti-dem ilk, be concerned that joey leads PDT in all of the polls…?  Yeah, I know… PDT was trailing the vile witch of Chappaqua at this point by a significant margin and yet… he prevailed.  The polls were wrong… eight years ago.  Is it possible the pollsters are just repeating the same errors or have they perhaps learned from the past… 

Well, the answer from this particular opinion distributer, is the polls are probably correct.  The polls reflect all of Trumps negatives and none of sleepy joes… Out of sight; out of mind; joey biden seems benign… There is no negative coverage of the poor guys dementia… He is not associated with the moral conflagration, burning; looting; destroying…  He is not TRUMP… So if the election were held today, biden would win easily… Sadly he would pull the Senate in with him because senate races are not local.  They are beauty contests and few consider the consequence of having one party or the other in charge.  

The Nation’s only hope is that PDT can define sleepy joe in the minds of the voters. Further the voters must associate the local representatives with the catastrophe that democrats have wreaked through their support and acquiescent to the liberal anti-American insanity.  Face it:  we are done.  The current course has us on the shoals in short order,  The flooding will not douse the flames…

Praying would be a good thing… I can’t prove or even assert God favors the conservative cause but... 

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to have Scott and Kayla around.  Scott will be leaving next week after spending some time with Kathleen in DC.  We will have Kayla until 7/24.

Just for the record and it doesn’t even mention race based college admission or Obamaphones...


It’s beeb a while since I read 1984… but even Orwell could not have guessed that it would have come true…



We voted this morning in the Republican primary.  With the disgrace the democrats have imposed on the Commonwealth, one would think the Republicans would sweep.  Sadly it is unlikely.  The Laws of Nature, God, logic and sanity are all racist concepts to be be shunned.   For example:


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