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Doesn’t have the significance it once had when I “worked” for a living.  But we slid into it after a miserable climate week.  Rainy, dreary and cool - almost as if fall was coming or something.  Yesterday that huge glowing ball of climate changing fire appeared in the sky and the temperatures soared into the 70’s.  Today I may actually have to mow the grass.

It appears the p* gave the Saudi leader a fist bump and the Saudi leader responded by giving p* the finger.  Gas prices will go up and it’s no secret that the OPEC world is chortling at the prospect of the impact on the mid-terms.  They know two things: (1) the US could out produce the entirety of OPEC and (2) the democrats won’t allow that to happen.  P* is irrelevant as we all know, so the insult is wasted.

I recall hearing the junior biden’s business partner testify on FOX concerning the biden family corruption and criminality way back when the news interpreters panic banned all discussion about the hunter laptop.  Ir seemed to me only a matter of time before the FBI deposed Mr  Bobulinski and the fit would hit the shan… But back then I still believed in the FBI, truth, justice and the American Way.  As we now know the FBI is consumed with xPDT and anyone who is pro-life and Mr Bobulinski is considering suicide.


The local congressional race between the democrat incumbent and the republican challenger has an interesting flavor.  The democrat is trying desperately to drum up passions by calling out Jen Kiggens, the republican, as radically pro-life.  Kiggens in return is showing footage of the democrat praising all the good things p* has done.  It wouldn’t surprise me to hear about the FBI raiding Kiggens home and day now...


Since I last broke open this page, Halo has had the surgery not to to be named lest my shuddering prevent further typing.  He is doing as well as he can given the need to wear that stupid collar.

The banality of vp* is such that even dedicated leftists mock her.  The Daily show, as liberally left as any, actually mocked her on Twitter.  See here. Funny but tragically sad.  The woman reached her level of incompetence long before her she *somehow* became a US Senator… 

Even though I try to ignore the polls, it’s hard to watch the news without being slapped in the face with poll after poll.  I perceive in the reporting a general lack of confidence in the republican ability to retake the senate.  Given the damage a democrat senate can do, I fear the worst. 

Good news though… p* says he intends to run again. That give us two more years of cognitive decline before he begins to campaign… What a joy.  No one really believes him of course.  I suspect he will be more and more susceptible to suicide as his popularity approaches single digits.

The news interpreters are trying with all their power to make Ian into DeSantis’ Katrina.  Doesn’t appear to be working but the negative stories will continue until morale improves…

Some mornings

I gasp for air.  Not because of any physical malady but simply because of what is happening in this, my country.  Of course Sunday I woke to the news that Navy had won a football game in double overtime.  But that’s not what drives the air from my lungs… Here are links to two example of recent FBI malfeasance.  These stories appear in the press so one can assume inaccuracies.  But note the first story about a judge who’s misled by the FBI to issue a warrant, is from the LA Times, not exactly a bastion of rational, conservative reporting.  The essence is the FBI suspected criminal activity at a safe deposit store so they got a warrant to search and then confiscated the contents of all safe deposit boxes in clear violation of unreasonable search.

The second is the arrest of a pro-life activist man by in excess of 20 weapon brandishing FBI agents.  The man was arrested for alleged assault - he got into an altercation with an abortion activist and the man ended up on the ground.  Local prosecutors declined to prosecute the case which begs the question why did a simple assault case became of interest to the FBI.

These stories combined with the reveals from an ever increasing number of FBI whistle blowers are very frightening.  Midnight raids by the Gestapo or KGB come to mind.  When the only recourse to justice is is to ask a judge to enforce the Bill of Rights, we have reached the bottom of the slippery slope.

Not to mention this:

Guess which one is out on bail ...


Actually a food hangover.  We spent lovely evening with Joe and Bonnie celebrating my birthday.  We had drinks here and then dinner nearly.  As usual I had the steak.  It was advertised as a NY strip but was an inch and a half thick and enormous.  Even I, a proven carnivore, had difficulty getting it all down.  Then we returned home for a piece of the three layer German Chocolate birthday cake.  

I should note the cake was baked in the neighbors over because ours is still out of commission.

I don’t twitter but if I did I would have seen this wonderful video of Don Lemon of CNN getting his rear end handed to him by a brit Royal spokesperson.  Trust me it’s worth your time

I didn’t watch the 60 minutes interview of p* but the reviews were not good.  Now no one expects the sycophantic Pelly to ask hard questions. He’s not terribly bright anyway and seems to get his news strictly from CBS and so is unaware of the southern border.  And no one expects anything from p*.  He’s has never been terribly bright either a condition exacerbated  by his undisguised  dementia.  But what was is really disturbing is the few definitive statements he made such as defending Taiwan and the end of the pandemic were immediately denied by the WH spokes idiots.  Clearly he has no Presidential Authority  begging the question once again: who does...

Is there anyone who is not guffawing over the hypocrisy of the dem mayors and residents of Martha Vineyard…?  Desantis and Abbot.. Pure genius…

If anyone still believes the FBI represents truth and justice, please wake up and smell the corruption.  From whistle blowers to the evidence of their behavior, it is clear the FEDS are the enforcement arm of he liberal democrats who label us as domestic terrorists...

In a normal world...

holding a celebration for the Inflation Reduction Act on the day worse than expected inflation numbers are released would seem a bit nuts.  Especially when everyone, not a democrat agrees the “act” will do nothing but increase inflation.

But then this is the p* administration where the spokesperson claims that the administration created 10 million thousand jobs...

Don’t even get me started on the appointees…


so in the Keystone State of PA, the race for senate is between a celebrity, Dr. Oz and a complete nut case, John Fetterman.  Fetterman has serious health issues, refuses to debate and has a public persona, just short of raving lunatic.  Even the WaPost doesn’t like him.  And yet the polls show a close race…  The republicans should be able to run a serial killer against this guy and walk away with a landslide. What is in the Pennsylvanian beer…? 

Special Breakfast Saturday

I had eggs and spicy hash browns.  Not exactly eggs bene but tasty and blood sugar friendly.  Played golf yesterday in the annual Kiwanis fund raiser with Joe, classmate Tom and his son.  Excellent company, weather and overall good time.  Golf not so much but when one is on the far edge of almost old, some things do decline.

I never met the Queen and she never knew my name.  Still I was an admirer.  She was one who who could maintain the royal dignity while seeming to be a common person.  This picture really represents her character in my mind:

So California is banning gas powered vehicles while demanding electric car owners not charge their cars because of power shortages.  Seems about right. 

And this one:

IMG 1035.jpg

OK.  I need to mow the lawn… where is my ultra-super  MAGA hat…?  One must dress properly when out and about...

Busy day

Mei Mei is busy getting ready to host her Circle meeting tomorrow.  That should involve  baking but our oven has been out of service for weeks.  In theory the part has arrived and may be installed tomorrow.  Halo goes into the eye vet this morning to have his stitches removed.  We have high hopes that the acupuncture and surgery have fixed his eye problems.

Congrats to Joe and Bonnie for successful rehabbing and adopting Scout. He’s a special boy.

IMG 3348

I have said this before, in particular when the Great American Voter decided to re-elect hussein to a second term. I say it again.  If the aforementioned GAV casts legitimate ballots that keep the democrats in power, the country will never stop the decline.  Given the travesty of the p* administration with the complete support of the democrat congress, only complete idiots would vote democrat.


Soon one will only be able to buy gas powered cars in Florida and Texas.  Some enterprising company will continue to build them and russia will provide the gas and oil.  that’s a bit silly but the probability is never zero. Sadly the rest of the world will be on rotating blackouts because:

In the meantime:

enough said


That’s me.  Sorry but not sorry.  Life is busy and frankly I have little to say that I have not already said. Repeatedly.

I did get a new monitor to go with my PS5.  Simply astounding graphics.  Extravagant but given my age and that fact I have stopped buying golf clubs, I guess it’s all right.  Halo has made amazing progress.  His eyes are healing nicely and his skin is recovering.  He wore the cone of shame for 8 days.  I’m not sure who suffered more, him or us, but I took it off this morning.  He was very nonchalant about the whole thing.

I have empathy for p*’s mental state.  I’ll be 84 in a couple of weeks so I do have a frame of reference.  He should know better.  For example:

I have little interest in seeing xPDT run for president again.  I wish he would just retire quietly and enjoy his golf.  But the democrats, news interpreters included of course, just won’t stop.  The harassment qualifies as persecution.  If they would shut up and lgnore him, he would fade away just like old soldiers. The DOJ and FBI have destroyed their credibility.  Even if they have a valid case, half the country will react badly.  


It would seem that the evils of the FBI are understated.  Yesterday we learned from some guy named zuckerberg that FaceBook censored the hunter biden laptop news because they were told to by the FBI.  Now isn’t that special… the dems have a personal gestapo and they will get you if you don’t watch out. Who’s that knocking on my door…?


Man… I wish  I had a student loan… Oh never mind… Even if I did I still wouldn’t vote democrat…


In other news, Halo had eye surgery to repair a lower eyelid.  He did well except he has to wear the cone shame for 10 days.  Scott bought a motorcycle and has joined the equivalent of the New Delhi Hells Angels… Or may just some teachers who have a motorcycle club.   He and the family are doing fine except for the interment Delhi Belly…  I have had that disease and believe me it’s no fun.


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