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Another week

that we won’t get back.  I thought by now the theft of time would be solved and the perps revealed.  But I guess justice is slow and sometimes the story isn’t exactly what the interpreters would have you believe.


Do you suppose “Spartacus” booker is reassessing his initial declaration that the Smollett case was a modern day lynching…?  We’ll never know because it’s all old news now.

I have many things on my list to accomplish.  I have little to no interest in doing any of them.  There is something about being almost old and procrastination… One would think there would be a sense of urgency since that tomorrow when it will get done has a higher and higher probability of not occurring.  But on the other hand those matters associated with urgency seem to be on a diminishing list.

I thought this brilliant article would come from dear Kimberly, but one can’t really do better than VDH for clarity and essence.  Read here the "Autopsy of a Dead Coup .  It’s a tragedy whose ending has still not played out.  My guess is when joe "the fondler” biden says "America is an embarrassment”, he surely is referring to all that Hanson describes.  And actually biden is an embarrassment but that’s old news…

I guess I am in a thoughtful mood on this dreary February morning.  Consider the inference here:

And this one: 


It’s a pretty good representation of economics as presented by the ruling class.

Happy Birthday Scott

The old man of Jakarta.  I would post a picture but compared to his sister he is a dinosaur.  I  FaceTimed him this morning.  They had just gotten back from an Italian dinner… In Jakarta.

The big news is the National Emergency declared by PDT… Wow he really stepped over the line this time.  I wonder how many of those things we have actually had...



Let’s see… uh… PDT wants to protect us from the criminals, drugs, terrorists and telephone call spammers who come and go across the southern border.  He’s a racist villain who needs to be investigated, perp walked, impeached, lashed, tarred, feathered and made to listen to rap music for the next decade.  hussein gave Iran billions in cash for no other reason than he sympathized with their Death to America pleas, and he became the prototypical Super Hero of the News Interpreters of America. And that’s how it works in democratLand.

Uh… We only talk about this if the democrats are in power but really...


Someone said the blondes all over the world are telling AOC jokes…The Amazon rejection of NY is a rare instance of wisdom in these days of raging ignorance.

The cold February rain contrasts badly with the Cherry tree in full bloom; daffodils in the background

IMG 1851

I saw a headline that stated most Americans cannot pass the test given for citizenship.  I took the incredibly simple test (one question: what is the name of the National Anthem).  I passed.  Got them all but so would have Roscoe. And we wonder why THEY elect democrats…

The cartoons today were mediocre. This one was good:

And this from the bizarre - but makes me fall out of my chair laughing - set:

I think we are keeping Pearl…


Top of the stories of the day is the rejection of New York by Amazon.  Deep on the details is greed and avarice as Amazon used the power of the mighty investment $ to coerce tax concessions from NY.  But on the surface is the rejection of the reality of the NY criminal democrat complex.  The union mafia wanted the opportunity to milk funds from the new workers; some had a legitimate concern for the tax situation and then there was the left wing AOC crowd who wanted to shout down capitalism and decry  the exploitation while all the while grinning with glee at the new voters and money available to their cause.  Classic example of screwing with bull and getting the horn.  Makes me almost want to smile if I weren’t such a cynic.  

Amazon actually blamed AOC and suddenly New York has had their eyes opened to what she actually represents.  25,000 jobs are a heavy cross to bear when you need votes to continue your 15 minutes… On the other hand this will all be old news by Sunday…

I said in a few blogs ago that I really hadn’t spent much time worrying about the Smollett claim of assault in Chicago.  I have no idea what he, she (or what ever the transgender, LGBTQXYZ pronoun should be), might have have experienced or made up and frankly the whole episode falls very, very low on the horizon of life crises.  But to put the incident in perspective, I urge you to read Ammo Grrrll this morning. Worth your time.

It’s just another of life’s mysteries that haunt my dreams and will confound me until I finally reach that great Q&A desk just outside the Pearly Gates… I hope it’s outside because if it’s inside … well…  

Anyway how the news interpreters can just acknowledge the now admitted insurrection within the Justice Department and it’s surrogate FBI without screams of pain and steaming demands for accountability, is that issue.  This was a corruption of the very heart and soul of governance.  Yet they are OK with the attempted coup and subversion of the rule of law  They were so besotted with the clinton mystique and/or hatred that they would allow the ego infested hussein administration to set all of this up and almost execute it.  If that isn’t truly frightening then doom is exactly what we deserve.  The answer of just being…democrat.. is insufficient.  The scheme that still continues in the form of the Mueller travesty is worthy of a Stalin in the magnitude of its evil. 


Sorry.  My blood pressure is interrupting my cybernetics.  Is it really too early for scotch… Did the makers of that rule have to deal with democrats…?   I think not.

Here’s my Valentine...

Hard to believe she is almost old…

We have the traditional ’61 luncheon with spouses today.  Always a good time.  

I’d like to rant this morning but I’ll be busy reading the 1,159 page compromise bill that none of our reps will read before approving it.  Should only take an hour or so.

Not that it matters but McCabe admitted he was instrumental in trying to oust PDT.  So we learn that the premiere law enforcement agency in the world was actively and illegally trying to set up a coup.  And still they live on without shame or condemnation in complete freedom enjoying a pension paid for by you and me.  

Whew. I’m struggling to hold my breakfast down.

Almost Valentines Day...

Just saying

This morning there were just a couple of references to the Virginia democrat mud puddle.  It is drying up rapidly.  By Friday I reckon the dustbin of old news will have claimed the story and we will hear of it no more.  Any references by conservatives to the hypocrisy will be considered racist, born of white privilege and quickly disregarded.

There are lessons to carry away from all of this.  I can can see where it would be a great mistake for me to ever consider running for public office.  I checked my yearbook entry and discovered the shame that would tar my life and political ambitions forever.  I hesitate to confess even at this late date but as I approach getting old I suppose everyone should know the truth… Sigh...

I said I wanted to be a flyer…

There. The truth has set me free.  Me and Bezos got our dirty laundry out in front before the interpreters could manipulate and throw it all in our faces.

The great bellowing from the left about climate change begs the question… What exactly were the environmental policies in effect at the time in history when the ice age began to melt….?  How did mankind cause the ice to go away and the greening start…?  Couldn’t we learn something from our ancestors…?  I would imagine the policies went under some heading of a New Green Plan or something… No one plays attention to history anymore.  I suppose we could also examine what was done wrong that caused the ice to form in the first place but the answer is clearly PDT so no need.

IMG 1849

There it is.  The lone daffodil daring forth on February 12th.  

I have had little to say about the plethora of candidates for president among the democrats.  I’ll let the articulate Mr. Ramirez speak for me:


Still in Va

wondering who ties the shoes of government officials.  I, of course, refer to GovVa who is trying to recover from democrat sin, racism. The mortal sin of infanticide isn't even mentioned as he strives for penance.  During his election campaign, he came across as amiable, somewhat misguided but not the blithering idiot he reveals today.  For some reason because he is all screwed up, he thinks Virginia needs healing and of course who better for that than a doctor…?  Heal thyself, I think the saying goes… It makes me want to:


Decision point on Pearl is rapidly approaching.  Good thing I don’t like dogs.  Otherwise my objectivity might be called into question.


So here’s my question: Why are democrats running on such issues as killing all private health insurance; total gun control; backing the hilarious disaster known as the Green Plan; murder of infants; socialism (whatever that is) and open borders…?  Do they not have polling data that shows the Great American Voter will reject that insanity…?  Or do they have data that shows other wise…?   A few of them are just radical in principle and are stupid or don’t care… but most are politicians who work this crap out in advance with schemes, lies and weasel words… Yet from here I hear the same discordant tune from all.  Do you hear what I hear…?  What do they know…?

The call for golf membership has gone out.  March 20th is the first outing… That’s just a little over a month from now… Yikes…

I notice that the Green Plan supports those who are unwilling to work.  Does that cover retirees…? and are naps included…?  Asking the hard questions… That’s what I do. Unless I am napping.


This morning from the the Commonwealth where the local political chaos has reached into a second week.  By now any events that muddy democrats are usually confined to Old News and forgotten.  But the stink is sufficient to make headlines in the V-P this morning.  Of course nothing is happening.  The GovVa and LtGovVa are staying put, both gritting their teeth and closing their eyes and crying out to Make it All Go Away.  Oh wait… That’s the National Dems.  They don’t want the distraction from their own campaigns.  And the more noise is made the more the chance their own #METOO or blackface photos might get exposed.


I’m still a bit groggy.  I stayed up past midnight Saturday playing a cooperative video game session.  Not a good idea.  The good news is I am growing bored with this particular game.  I have neglected my reading and one of my favorite assassins is back in print so maybe a life style change is order.

The PowerLine Boys are warning about booker.  I see their point but harris is still my nightmare.  Nightmares are relative though.  Not sure what difference it makes.  We are way past the tipping point.

Looking grim for the wall. Logic clearly is not a factor.  Roscoe is among those democrats demanding open borders. He isn’t concerned with those coming in; he just wants out.  He does seem to to appreciate the warm comfort on cold rainy days.  Not surprising.  He’s almost old himself.

So far I am happy with the new computer.  My email issues seems to have sorted out and the PhotoSteam came back to my Photos app.  It’s probably my imagination or rationalization but sometimes almost old people have that problem.


A day with Apple

Apple rejected my old iPhone as a trade-in on my new phone.  They said it couldn’t load the OS and returned it to me.  I hooked it up to iTunes, reset the phone and loaded the latest OS with no probs.  Then I spend 3 hours, mostly on hold, with Apple trying to get some explanation.  Finally I was sent to the Apple store for a consult with a Genius.  They lost my appointment and made we wait for a half-hour but I kept my composure and the result was they took my phone and granted me the $250 I had initially been promised.  The life span wasted in the effort was worth more than the 250, but there is always satisfaction when the great corporation nods in agreement and makes it right.

The Virginia clown show flounders on.  This has all been good news for northam, the baby killer.  His crime of misapplied shoe polish has faded into old news as we all knew it would. In the meantime the rising star, Fairfax, finds himself under the Kavanaugh kloud… (sorry). Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving crowd.

Oh and check this one:


After a high of 81 yesterday, February ran back to Virginia.  Apparently the climate here is associated with the democrats.  

A couple of funny ones from Cartoon Saturday:

IMG 9399

And this one just fits my sense of humor:

I am trying a new hit counter,  The old one was like counting democrat votes in California..



The big news here today is not the state of Virginia, although more on that later.  The cherry tree is in full bloom and the daffodils have buds. YeHaw.  I skipped golf this morning, even though it’s already 71 dress and quite sunny.  Loving this climate.

So anyway, Happy Birthday Kathleen.  I won’t say how old she is but I can tell you she looks about 18...

(she’s the one on the left)

IMG 3535

As you know Friday is Kimberly Day in this household.  Today, My Lady of the Truth went after AOC.  Not her exactly but those things she stands for.  Well, actually her as well.  Now to disagree with Kimberly would be so out of my character that I cannot even suppose.  That said, her theme this morning is that AOC is a gift to republicans.  While I agree that the radical proposals from that far left, when actually detailed and if implemented, would end up at a revolutionary scale of dissatisfaction,  the concepts and fluffy presentation clearly resonates with the history-challenged and crap-for-brains American Voters. We know, at least for now, that the pain associated with making America Green is not on the agenda.  But the more we wave all those banners in the wind, the more attractive those left wing nuts become.  We are only a few senators, and a new president from disaster.  Sorry dear Kimberly…

Virginia… What can I say…?  It stands to reason that after the humiliation of democrats in positions of power, the news interpreters wold have to find a republican to shift the focus.  So we discover somehow that the Majority Leader was the editor of a racist yearbook.  Everyone has forgotten that the KKK was in fact a creation of democrats.  It was composed of democrats.  Democrats opposed the abolition of slavery… But that’s history and we don’t teach history anymore.  We don’t learn from history anymore.  Fortunately I am almost history…


I used to be technically competent.  Maybe it is the video gaming, but now I cannot solve even the most basic of issues.  For example, I imported all my previous data from the old Mac to the new one.  Now I have lost PhotoStream from the Photos app.  It used to be there.  It used to work.  Now it doesn’t and I can’t figure it out.

One last happy thought and then I am off to enjoy this glorious day:


The Commonwealth and it is to laugh

Mike asked me if I was considering running for Governor.  I told him it was too late.  In light of the Methodist Church crises, I have converted to Islam and am planning to move to Yemen.

Blackface is a an unforgivable sin…?  Wow.  Who knew. What about football players who put black under their eyes…? How about those SpecForces who use face paint to enhance their camouflage…?  I have a dog face teeshirt… Will Peta let me wear it again…?


Karl Rove had a piece in the WSJ this morning on the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for the democrats.  warren and her declaration of American Indian… The drab, totally negative reaction to an upbeat and well accepted SOTU from PDT… The democrat meltdown in VA… The celebration of infanticide legislation in NY and from the GovVA.  Good stuff.  It’s already old news of course and the interpreters will just move on to PDT’s next tweet.


The climate is lovely today.  High may go into the 80’s.  Tomorrow is expected to be much the same and I will be playing golf… Good Lord willin’, yada yada…  I make this note because tomorrow is Kathleen’s birthday and I will not be available to write about it.

Happy Birthday Kathleen.

PS… I have decided that Yemen may not support my gaming habit, and praying 5 time a day is hard, especially since I don’t know any Koranic verses. I think I’ll go with Mormonism… How bad could it be in Utah anyway…?

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