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From time to time...

I rant on about things I know nothing about.  Some would say that that is pretty much the case always…But anyway, this morning I offer an opinion on the loss of confidence in the command qualities of Captain Brett Crozier, USN, leading to his summary relief  as Commanding Office of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71).

Capt Crozier’s crime was failing to restricting his appeal for the health of his crew to the traditional chain of command.  He apparently shotgunned his missive to a sufficiently wide range of folks that his words ended up in the press.  Translated,  that means his chain of command was embarrassed to find themselves under scrutiny for failing to respond urgently to a rapid spread of the COVID-19  in a very closed environment, putting sailors at risk.  

Commanding officer of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier is an assignment given a carefully selected officer who has proven though past performance that he/she is a candidate for advancement to positions of senior leadership.  To be so named, an officer must have demonstrated significant political acumen in addition to technical and leadership skills.  Thus it is apparent to me that the circumstances that induced Capt Crozier to step into what he had to know was a career fatal move, must have been dire.  I suggest that his initial appeals must have been met with bureaucratic sluggishness to the point where his frustration required a deliberate move to get attention focused on the problem.

To be the commanding officer of a ship is a privilege unique in the world.  There is no equivalent.  That officer has complete and total responsibility for crew and ship. In sacrificing  his career for the well being of his crew, Capt Crozier fulfilled his responsibility.  He should be promoted to a position where he can instill that principle on those he leads.

I am pretty sure George Patton, Dwight Eisenhower, Chester Nimitz, “Bull” Halsey, Karl Doenitz, Yogi Kaufman and Teddy Roosevelt, to name a few, would agree…

Should the Navy relieve an officer who has embarrassed those in authority… ?  Sadly it is not a question of right or wrong.

End rant.

OK one cartoon from a rich harvest:

Hoo boy...

I guess the dems have gotta dem… Really unbelievable. nan the ripper set up an oversight committee to fundamentally investigate the PDTorona so they can attempt to get some smears in before the election.  The disgrace of the democrats has lingered from the Kavanough cesspool through the impeachment disaster and now into politicizing the virus.  Will the American Voter hold them accountable… Sadly the dems don’t think so and I must admit I have my doubts.



I am doing my part.  I baked some scones this morning and delivered to an elderly shut-in couple we know. They were grateful but didn’t recognized me because of my hair style.  I’ll be going to a Willy Nelson pigtail soon.

Zoom is a teleconferencing program that has become very popular.  Mike asked me if I used it but I don’t.  The developers of the program are in China. I admit to being an unabashed racist but read the reviews  anyway.  I found out the program is full of security holes that among other things allows the seizing of the computer camera and easy planting of malicious programs.  All that notwithstanding, if we want to do a teleconference with the doctor guess what program they use...

What…  you want less rant and more cartoons…?  I got you covered…



And finally….

If you print that one out and paste it up to the wall, it makes a lovely dart board.

Believe it or not

We have been busy.  Yesterday we had to take our foster in for an orthopedic consult.  We thought he had ACL issues.  The vet now requires you to wait in the car; they will pick up the  pet and then deliver him back to you.  It was almost two hours waiting.  We found out his ACL is fine but he may have neurologic issues with his spine.  In any case we avoided the surgery.  We will have a neurologist consult when less confined to quarters. 

This morning I had to have the stitches removed from my surgery.  The traffic was light so I was early.  I was seem immediately and was out 5 minutes later.  There are some benefits to solitary confinement.

You probably mossed it because the news interpreters are focused exclusively on trying to make this mess into a Trumporona.  The DOJ IG, Horowitz, blasted the FBI over their handling of all FISA requests.  The sloppiness and complete disregard for the safeguards required were appalling.  The comey legacy is quite justifiably down the crapper.  What a massive loser that guy is.

Our island of virus free real estate continues to protect us.  I saw an article that said dogs are not subject to the virus but cats were.  We are feline free…  

I understand this tendency to label the virus with its Chinese origins is generating a fear of viralphobia.  Not fair to condemn all viruses just because of the unreasonable condemnation of the one from wuhan… 


I sympathize with and tip my hat to those families stuck with with kids while trying to work from home.  Got to be wearing…


I have some great cartoons about the democrats and the trumporona… I will save them for when my need to release my anti-dem rants exceeds my self-control .  That will be soon.


Not so upbeat...

I am so fed up with the news interpreters I scream at the TV as I am turning it off.  PDT drives me equally crazy - every thing is incredible and perfect.  I am really weary of hearing how he saved the world by cutting off flights with China.  I know things will get worse.  I know things will get better.  I know we, Mei Mei and I, are at risk.  I know my neighbors care.  I know the appropriate people are working their butts off for solutions.  So stop with the doomsday projections and Trump blaming.  STOP.


We had a nice weekend.  Saturday after dinner we even traipsed over to the Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt.  The place was busy but exercising extreme sanitation and folks were careful about distancing.  Remi, our foster is experiencing pain from a torn ACL issue he had.  Makes it tough to get him in and out for potty things.  He may need surgery.

Apparently Virginia still wants their money so I may have to do my taxes after all.  Doesn’t seem fair. Maybe I should just refuse, let them send me to jail and then they would release me like all of the other prisoners being released because of Covid-19 panic.  With my luck I’d get a democrat for a roommate… Probably not a good strategy.


Big news

We had french toast this morning.  I know…right?  Does life get any better than that…?

In trying not to rant, I find myself in total brain freeze.  I have been revealed as a complete one dimensional fraud.  Sadly, you probably already knew this but I am just catching on.  OK let me just slip this one in and then I’ll move on:

IMG 2765

Our new foster is adapting very slowly.  He was living a happy normal life and then someone just packed him in a car and sent to live with right wing zealots… Very hard on a democrat.  Must be time to run this oldie but goodie:

Iin closing, for those looking for percipient, sagacious commentary on the current COVID-19 crisis, please consider this:


Is this guy a beauty or what…? What you can’t see is the missing eye on the other side.  He is a pure-bred golden, unusual in the rescue business.  He suffers from seizures but the vet thinks they are controllable.

IMG 2313

Trying to stay away from my usual toxic commentary because, after all,  we need to see past all of that but I can’t resist this cartoon:

Not sure what needs a trim more… the lawn or my hair. Can’t mow the lawn because we have had several days of soaking rain.  Can't mow my hair because all the barber shops are closed. On the other hand the hippie look among the almost old set is all the rage…  Maybe I need to cultivate the facial hair as well… I’ll ask Mei Mei…  Won’t need to post the answer.  You will hear it on the wind…

Isn’t it interesting how we find out who is vital to our society and who is not… Store clerks and shelf stockers… high on the list.  Medical workers of course, but celebrities…?  Not so much.  Probably the important vital resource short of food and medical supplies… the internet.  Have you seen the commercial where a bunch of TV actors repeat over and over that we are all in this together….?  Yeah right.  Tell that to a restaurant waitress who was working 3 jobs to support her family and has lost all of them…

Just saw a peek of sun.  Haven’t seen that orb in a while… I should go for a walk.  But I have so many other responsibilities…

Feeling upbeat

this morning.  Maybe it was the extra sleep we got.  It rained like Noah last night and it was E.A. Poe dark and dreary when Roscoe roused me at 8:00.  I let the pack out to pee, fixed their breakfast, let the drenched pups in and then went back to bed.  Mei Mei was stirring but didn’t object.

The surgeon whacked a pound or two from my upper arm to be sure all of the growth was excised.  Relatively quick and painless.  I just hope the weight loss doesn’t affect my golf swing.

In the spirit of of feeling upbeat, I won’t descend into the pit of democrat muck this morning.  Suffice it to say that nancy the ripper’s rapid back-off from twisting  schumer’s you-know-whats is evidence that in spite of the news interpreters spin, the public had reacted pretty strongly to the attempted liberal theft.

Story from the UK this morning that a dog had sprained his tail wagging over the returned of his quarantined family.  


That the dems would hold relief hostage for the litany of left-wing wishes: fuel economy standards for the airlines or tax incentives for green energy… One would think the news interpreters would barf at that nonsense but their heads only turn to the left… 


Consider this:  PDT has been trumpeting anti-malarial drugs because they have shown promise from anecdotal sources.  This is the response of the news interpreters as held to ridicule by man with a brain:


Barber shops are closed.  I need a haircut.  Not inclined to worry.  I might let Mei Mei take a shot at trimming my neck… OTOH it’s only Mei Mei, me and the dogs...

Well, I am going to see a surgeon today to get a melanoma removed from my arm, but I don’t think he’ll care.  It was caught very early and is very thin so I am more at risk from being almost old than from cancer.

We are signed up for a new foster.  He is a four year old owner give-up who is blind in one eye and suffers from seizures.  When we take him is a function of whether or not a vet is available to check him out.  One issue with seizures is other dogs tend to attack.  That is one reason he is being given up.  We have experienced that in the past so the behavior of our own dogs will determine if this work.

1187096850 20181125 174345 1944509 resized

He is apparently well trained.  After a brushing, if you ask is he a handsome boy, he will prance.

Don’t know nothin'

I’m pretty sure the impact of spending $2T  is a disaster of its own kind in the long run.  Won’t be my issue since I’ll be out of here. But that of course isn’t why the democrats blocked passage of the bill.  Dems would rather have COVID-19 be universally applied than suffer through the agony of seeing PDT at the National Microphone, achieving good ratings.  nancy the ripper at work.  She hates PDT more than the wuhan virus; she would wish it on every republican voter.  What a sorry mess that woman is…


We streamed the church video to the TV and got a pretty good service yesterday.  We had music, prayer, scripture and naturally, the sermon.  It looked a little incongruous to watch the preacher turning his head to speak to all corners of the church, knowing full well there was no-one there.  But his delivery was at his usual excellence.  The topic was the deadly sin of sloth.  I am in need of that council since inactivity is high on my list of activities…  But I do take care of all those chinese disease bearing pixels…

The WSJ educated me as to why washing of the hands is so important.  It seems the virus elements are wrapped in an fatty coating.  The detergent in the soap dissolves the fat leaving the core exposed and vulnerable to attack and just dying from exposure.  I thought it was the anti-bacterial elements but now I know better. It’s a 20 second scrub at every opportunity.


Mei Mei is off to curves.  I cautioned her about social distancing.  She didn’t hear me…

If the news interpreters don’t have you sufficiently panicked, just consider COVID-20…

Rare Sunday Post

The dogs will be at church with this morning.  We will be watching a video of the pastor’s sermon, distributed through the web site.  About time those heathen democrats get a little religion.  

Actually I have nothing to say.  I just ran across a cartoon I wanted to post:

Inappropriate I know.  But since I am almost old I can get away some some stuff.

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