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Could be worse

And then sure enough, things got worse. Or did they…? Sometimes one has to listen carefully…. For example: psaki the red, was asked if the steams of illegals coming across the Texas border were being tested for the wuhan… Her answer may have passed quickly past you: She said it wasn’t necessary because the individuals crossing the border did not intend to stay long…  Well that’s certainly good news.  Those folks who paid the coyotes thousand of dollars to ferry them in airless vans at genuine risk of life to end up at a camp in the Texas heat with no water or bathrooms are simply on vacation… Who knew…?

I have ask: When p* meets in private with other heads of state, is he protected by a firewall of staffers to protect himself from his verbal incontinence…?  If the visitor asks a hard question, does a staffer answer or do they simply cut off the feed…?  Just wondering…

P* hasn’t even made it through a year.  Can you believe that.  Seems like so much longer.   Oh well.  At least we aren’t living in Australia… yet.

Quite the birthday...

Pam, Mike, Scott and Tyler arrived Saturday afternoon.  We watched the Florida-Alabama game and enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by the best German Chocolate cake ever baked.  The kids all left Sunday morning and then Bonnie and Joe had us over for a fabulous dinner for yet another celebration. Stroganoff with prime tenderloin… wow.

IMG 2785

Great birthday and I’m not even old yet.

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Mixed day...

My brain, such that it is, cannot grasp the the magnitude of the ineptitude of the p* administration.  p* himself mandated from on high that the science demanded all get booster shots. He set a date and declared supplies are in place.  Then the science, the FDA, voted 17-2 against the boosters.  Is the President embarrassed at the rejection.  No, not really.  He just went back on vacation.

The Army released the tragic news that instead of ISIS, they killed children and innocent humanitarians with a hasty drone strike.  Whoops, they said… Was p* embarrassed… nope.  Probably didn’t even remember… so he went back to his vacation.

FOX news continues to cover the unbelievable humanitarian crises at the Texas border… Is p* concerned that thousands of covid bearing illegals are streaming into the country…?  No, not at all.  He simply authorized money for a wall in Tajikistan tp prevent Afghan refugees from escaping the Taliban… and then he went back on vacation.


Gen Milley continues in office.  How sad is that…?  Is he embarrassed …   Not really because he has great wisdom:

On the bright side, Scott, Pam and Mike, and grandson Tyler are coming for dinner tonight.  A very excellent birthday present indeed. 

In closing I offer some of my own great wisdom:


Two (maybe three) things

Not in order of significance but first is the rejection of the recall for California’s governor in overwhelming numbers.  How stupid are the voters…?  I don’t think that can be quantified.  Those who are sure of a republican sweep next Nov should recognize the syndrome.  Simply offer free stuff and blame xPDT and your success is guaranteed by those who cannot think.

The second is the Milley controversy.  My Dad, a patriot and dedicated Army soldier, was so imbued  with the civilian leadership concept that he refused to vote on the basis that he should not be able to participate in the selection of his boss.  The facts about Milley are far from clear at this point but his integrity and credibility are in the crapper.  No man of honor should serve under the stain spreading around his name.

And I was just wondering why there is no flu shot mandate or requirement for showing proof of such before boarding an airplane… or measles or whooping cough or any other of serious life threatening  communicate disease..? I saw a god one:  “This Wuhan flu is vert serious and out of control.  Pretty soon there will be only 99.4% of us left…”

RIP Norm McDonald


Californians are set to allow their governance to remain in the hands of Gavin Newsom.  How idiotic is that?  How idiotic is it that p* had 85 million votes?  I recall saying that if barack hussein obama were returned to office, then the American people deserved whatever came of it… Then we had the flash of reaction personified by xPDT… But still even in the light of total governmental incompetence and corruption and a  president who is mentally absent , the attitude is: Oh well…  

I have no confidence, the electorate will hold the democrat party accountable next year.  So grateful to be going and not coming…

Who is surprised that FaceBook has a secret exemption from its rules for the elite and those in whose favor they covet…. WSJ had a full expose… It too will find the trash bin of public concern….

I hope this photo is not a fake… Unbelievable again…


First of all we are now great grandparents.  Steven and Jessica produced Felix Shen Fuqua Saturday.  6 lbs 6oz


Also in the news is an excellent report from Scott.  A thorough Walter Reed examination has concluded that his colon liver issues were mis-diagnosed and he has been treating the wrong thing for years.  Apparently had be been diagnosed properly, he would overcome the disease.  Thankfully with proper medication he can still get back on track.  He’ll know on Wednesday whether or not the nodules on his neck are malignant.

Last entry, I pondered just how the injection of Government makes any thing better. After the collapse of the Towers on 9/11, a massive civilian boat rally evacuated over 500,000 new yorkers from Manhattan. People just pitched in and did it.  There was no pay or glory, just people helping people.  Here is a paragraph from a blog by Jim Glassman:

In fact, one barely-reported story from September 11 illustrates this better than any other - the improvised navy that evacuated roughly a million people by boat from Lower Manhattan, in an operation that some have called an American Dunkirk. Ferries, commercial boats, and pleasure craft spontaneously assembled to carry people away from the scene of the attack, and to return with needed supplies: 

People at Ground Zero, the Manhattan Waterfront, nearby New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn waterfronts, and crews on the numerous vessels repeatedly used the phrases "just amazing," "everyone cooperated, and "just doing what it took" to describe maritime community responses. Individuals stepped up and took charge of specific functions, and captains and crews from other companies took their direction. . . . Private maritime operators kept their vessels onsite and available until Friday, Day Four, when federal authorities took over.

Please note the last sentence…

OK… Got to do the golf pairings for Wednesday… Brings to mind

IMG 4794

20 years...

After that many years of editorials and reflection, I have no value to add.  I am sure we have extracted revenge a thousand fold or more.  And where do stand today…?  Still in fear…

So the fault for covid spread is the unvaccinated, the unmasked and xPDT devotees…  Has no one considered that that the interaction of hundreds of thousands of covid positive freedom fighters from regions south of the border with communities across the the country might have tweaked the curve upwards a bit…?  Of course not.  What was I thinking…

Speaking of thinking, I am trying to imagine all of the things Government does to make my life better…. Uh… 

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For the liberals celebrating the sophistication and efficiency of the Taliban.:

The program I use to create this page is not friendly to imbedded video.  So I must create an external link in order to make a video available to the reader.  This link

is to a video that all should see...


I am in fact a Constitutional scholar and expert.  I mean if sleazy old hussein of ex-presidential infamy, could teach the subject, how could I not be…? So I will tell you straight out that the words “All women, declared or undeclared, have the  inalienable  right to have a God given life ripped from their uterus” are not  found anywhere in our governing Document.  On the other hand, the same writ says in many places that mankind, declared or undeclared, shall be free of the tyranny of p* dictates.    And thus, the sterling character of schumerpelsoi notwithstanding, I declare a fundamental and intolerable disagreement with the democrat governance   

In other news, we live in a house and yard that is easily eight times our needs and capability to maintain even as greedy, materialistic white privileged nationalists. Just venting… No point to be made.

At some place in my history, I felt some pity for the p*.  His obvious cognitive decline isn’t something he can control and he is probably in denial. It isn’t funny in any case.  That said, I cannot forgive his clinging to power in light of his devastating handling of the Afghanistan debacle.  Impeachment, though warranted, is insufficient.  His crass unfeeling reception of the heroes who died at his hand is unforgivable.  My contempt is now complete.  


Dave’s memorial was a magnificent tribute.  His kids spoke and and his grandkids sang.  The words and images were all any man could ask as a legacy.  Respect and honor. 

We timed the trip up very nicely.  Only the infamous Triangle region slowed us down.  Those heading south had the nightmare.  We returned Saturday afternoon and again struck I95 gold. Most folks had gotten to where they were going and were off the road.

 Just one more thought for today:


the news interpreters are beginning to return to form.  For a brief spell there was condemnation of the p* debacle but now the positive spin is beginning the attempt to repair history.  A story from the AP this morning celebrated the evacuation of the "last 300 Americans from Kabul” .  If you believe that, I am truly sad for you.  Nowhere in the hopeful spin will you see this photo of p* checking his watch as the the marines who were killed by his incompetence were being honored.  Apparently the ice cream truck was late.

We will travel north this weekend to honor our brother-in-law who graduated with Grace to the shelter of God last week.  He served the US in the Army for a career.  His years of service in combat mark him as a hero, unsung, like so many others.  I don’t pretend to know the routine but I have to think his place in Heaven is special.  He was not a democrat.

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