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Better mood

I’ve ben grouchy for the past couple of days.  Although the elaborate WiFi system installed by by Son-in-law Steve last year, is working just fine, the component that allows remote access to the system controls and statistics suddenly stopped working.  Not a really big deal but unfortunately there didn’t seem to be a way to access the system locally.  So I have been  about the task of recovering the so called Cloud Key.  

The documentation was dense and assumed a high level of technical vocabulary and understanding. Unfortunately in my hay day when I was reasonably current, a network was two tin cans connected by a long piece of string.  So I attempted the dreaded  tech support call.  Yeah… No phone support.  But they did provide on line chat.  I guess that prevents the detection of the Indian accents… Anyway I started the process about 10:30 yesterday. A brief break for lunch and continued intercourse with the Ubiquiti folks well into the afternoon.  They of course had me restart, reset, power up, power down; the things even an idiot like myself already tried.  They had me change computers, turn off firewalls, asked me questions that might as well have been in their native language because I had no idea: Is the gibberwittz polar compatible with the  with hasenpfeffer binary when indicator is flashing purple…?  You get the idea…  Actually they kept sending me a link to a document on how to configure a network for dummies…

Finally in desperation I emailed Steve.  Anyone who knows Steve won’t be surprised;  Steve solved the  problem, recovered from back-up a file he had saved from the installation a year ago and had the system up and running in about an hour.  All this from Alexandria…  I am in awe...  Thanks Steve.

Headline in the V-P this morning: "Most Virginians Favor Continuation of Impeachment Investigation”


Deep in the article it was stated that 51% favor and 49% against… but the V-P takes its feed from the WP.  In any case it appears that the dem strategy of screaming the sky is falling every 10 seconds is having their desired effect.  

I am sure one of the questions people asked before 2016 was: can you image Donald Trump as President…?  Now I ask: Can you image Elizabeth Warren as President…?  Frightening…

Isn’t that Special

Remember that from the Church Lady back when SNL gave people an occasional chuckle…? Let’s apply that to the congressional dems who refuse to take a vote on impeachment proceedings.  What a joke.  Then the dem controlled committees exclude republican members from attending secret hearings.  What a joke.  The interpreters cut off any references to wrongdoings by biden or that wondrous phenomena ilhan omar because they have already been investigated and nothing was found… Even if that were so, and we know from the smell it isn’t, why is then OK to ignore mueller and his report clearing PDT…?  Ah… I see the problem… Anything is OK if you hate Trump.

I guess if I were a reasonable, deep thinking, articulate speaker of the language, like… uh… Oh, I don’t know…. say: lebron james; just to choose a name at random, I could educate and enlighten.  You know, just how evil it is to protest and how freedom of expression is a disastrous thing for society.  But I’ll never be that smart so why try…

Rainy and dreary today.  The dogs hate this weather because they can’t get outside to run.  It does lend itself to the honorable nap though…

I know...

It’s been a while but it was a very busy week.  I can only do this in the morning and something was scheduled every morning this week.  Yeah … maybe it was a nap but give me a break…

Truly, I have exhausted my outrage.  The dems will never stop.  They just make stuff up and the interpreters scream it across the media for them.  Eventually they will vote to impeach, impeach, impeach, impeach, impeach, impeach, impeach, impeach… Who knows what will happen then… In point of fact they still have no candidate who can legitimately be elected… Wouldn’t it something if they resurrected bb hil….?


We don’t have to imagine what the dems would do to the country if elected.  Hold California up to the light and there you have it… Crap in the streets; everyone smoking dope to get by; no prosecution of shoplifters or other crimes; and best of all: rolling black outs.  If you ever questioned God’s sense of humor, California is it.   

Not that I care, mind you, but the Yankees swept the Division Series.  Now comes San Diego …

It’s a beautiful fall day.  I should mow the lawn… really, I should… 


 blowers… interesting term.  Referees, noisy children, life guards.  In popular culture it’s the one upstanding citizen in a corrupt society who collects the evidence on a flash drive and delivers it to the Washington Post who prints the truth and brings justice with a flourish.  We cheer in gratitude as the perps are punished before outraged courts of law.  The citizen is feted and God is pleased.

In reality its usually some weasel with a damaged psyche who sees an opportunity to grab his 15 minutes by doing damage to causes or people he doesn’t like.  He or she (or one of the many other genders) can only be successful if the ideology of the reporting media is in synch with that of the whining complainant.  In today’s world of course that means liberalism and its proponents known as democrats.  That substantial sourced and documented material exists to condemn and convict the democrat elite: bidens, husseins, comeys, et al… is irrelevant.  Whistle blowing cannot occur because the interpreters won’t have it.

And so we listen to the cacophony of rancor as it it crescendos.  Given the maxim that if the lie is repeated often enough it becomes truth, we will see either a rejection of PDT from weariness, or a realization the democrats are destroying every value that made this country great. 

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Our only defense is the vote.  Use it while you can.

Saturday, Navy seemed to be having its way with Air Force.  I was looking forward to enjoying the victory and some of Mei Mei’s chicken that was soaking in buttermilk awaiting the frying pan. At that point Damon, our adventurous foster, climbed on the counter and gobbled down a leg and two wings of the raw chicken without spilling a dog of the buttermilk.  Fortunately we have an emergency vet just a couple of miles away.  I rushed him over and they got him to discharge the contents of his stomach.  During the process, Air Force stormed back and seemingly iced the game.  I was not there to see either the Air Force storm or the Navy miracle comeback to win decisively in the last seconds of the game.  Such are the trials of being a foster.

I love this cartoon.  I have been waiting for an opportunity to use it but nothing has come up. 


I have scandal fatigue.  I long for the good old hussein days when there wasn’t even a sniff of scandal… That’s irony in case you read into my words some sort of allegiance to the former Islamist-in-Chief. 

Someone ran a clip of a democrat from a supposedly red district explaining his decision to join the impeach brigade.  The question was:  Tell me exactly the crime for which you would impeach a duly elected president?  The answer was, in précis, uh…. well… uh… when someone ignores the law and the Constitution and lies constantly… uh… well… uh… Yep that summarizes the case pretty well.  Against the democrats…


My pacemaker checked out OK.  Oil level is topped off.  Fresh electrons just in from China.  No tariffs.  Strangely I have a craving for dumplings and disgust for Hong Kong…

The News Interpreters have sort of run out of things to say:

The Saturday cartoons were OK this week.  I liked this one:


And finally this headline:

No time

Got pacemaker check this morning.  Not sure if they oil and grease or just fill up the electron tank.  Anyway just wanted to cast out these cartoons.  


The RNC is already running ads agains our democrats representative who recently signed on to… oh what is that word…?  Impeach… right.  How could I forget.

Our foster boy is healing nicely  He has only two toes on his back right foot but does he care…?  Not really.  After all he’s a democrat …

OK one more:




In case you were wondering, here is the scoop: The left, and that includes the entire spectrum  of corrosive mental issues ranging from raging insanity to simple incompetent stupidity, hates PDT.  They hate him because he won when he should not have;  They hate him because he mocks them with impunity; they hate him because he embodies in success the failures of the progressive ideology; they hate him because that is their fundamental theology.   

The Left is now faced with existential problems. The reports stemming from the investigations of the illegal and treasonous attempts to effect a coup will soon command the headlines.  Any hope of producing a candidate who can legitimately win the presidency in a fair election is slipping away as the radical soul destroying platforms shine in the spotlight. 

So what is a poor left wing, gun hating, anti-Christian follower of the democrat charge to the brink of the black hole to do?  The answer is simple:  Find anyone who can catch the sympathetic eye of the interpreters, mask them in anonymity, and have them make up some nasty stuff.  Then amplify and add to the lies with mis-quotes, desperation, hysteria and above all scream the sky is falling. With all of that as background noise, begin to chant: impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, IMPEACHMENT.

Thus:  No need now to defend the corruption within your ranks.  No legalities to bother with.  No concept of Justice and fair play.  Screaming, raging hate will probably win the day.  


 impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment,

Catchy isn’t it…?

No one is above the law...

is the war cry… and right they are… well except maybe the clintons, the bidens,  schiff, nadler, the FBI leadership under hussein, the CIA leadership under hussein, the DOJ under hussein and… wait for it… hussein.

If you don’t think the so called whistle blower was a set up mastermind by the democrats, you have been in a cave under Siberia for the last two years.  There is no difference in this attack from that of  the dossier, mueller and the Kavanaugh debacle.  Same interpreter frenzy, same distortions and made up evidence.  Simple put when one set of lies fail they create another and push it to the media arm. They will not quit. And isn’t this all a wonderful smoke screen for the impending IG reports on FBI,et al malfeasance soon to be reported out...

By the way, the intel community secretly changed the rules on whistle blowers just days before the current one made his play.  The rules used to require first hand knowledge of mis deeds.  Now second hand heresay references are a basis.  What is that stench…?

I am back to using Peggy Noonan columns to wipe up deposits left by our foster dog.  I won’t bother to deconstruct.  Read it for yourself.

The vet removed Damon’s bandage yesterday.  The wound need to be exposed to the air to continue to heal.  His foot looks horrible.  It looks like a shark took a bite out of his foot.  Two toes are missing.  I still have to put a boot on him when he goes outside.  That’s a painful chore for both me and him.  Actually he doesn’t care.  He just rolls over and lets me put the boot on.  If I had a dog’s approach to life I would be a better person in every respect… Except I’d be a democrat…   Gasp...


Jackson graduated from Sub School this morning.  Very proud grandparents.

My credulity is broken.  The interpreter frenzy over this mythical whistle blower is beyond comprehension.  This is spy gate, Kavanaugh gate, money in the back pocket, obstruction, share gate, cheating at golf and all the rest combined.  That great purveyor of unfiltered democrat rhetoric, the V-P, had a summary in the headlines. “Democrats: unanimously ready to impeach over whistle blowers report.  Republicans: Most refuse to comment.  Few support Trump”.  Gee whiz, I wish they had asked me…I would have commented…

Damon got onto the counter again and this time dragged three bags of dog treats down and ate them all.  As a consequence his effluence has been frequent and messy and unfortunately all about the house. He is a love though and we forgive him.

I could rant for thousands of words over the current democrat pattern of lies, deceptions and criminal proceedings.  But to no avail.  Anyone reading my poor messaging is probably already in consonance or they wouldn’t have opened this page.  I regret my inability to force the Truth on the great unwashed.  Only God has the power to make this all right but I suspect He has little interest in the rectitude of democrat sins on earth.  They will pay at Judgement.  In the meantime we may all be punished for the ungodly world we have created.  I just hope I have my Grace ticket certified as the exit sign glows in the distance


My head actually exploded.  I tried to listen to the “Five” last night.  It was all about the released transcript of the call to Ukraine. Juan Williams who is on the deranged list was screaming facts not in evidence and mis-quoting those facts that were.  But that’s not my point.  I read the transcript.  Carefully.  PDT asked Ukraine for help in pinning down the mass conspiracy against this country engendered by those who would have overturned the election.  That, of course, isn’t what the WP and NYT reported nor is that truth present among the many distortions and imaginary weaseling that foam from the democrats in unison. It is beyond me how those folks can live with themselves when they read and know the ground truth but yet fabricate lies and distortions without conscience.

biden, publicly bragged, about his threat of with holding aid unless the Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating the company who paid his son for nothing more than being his son.   And all the interpreters want to scream about is the PDT phone call…? If I had a head it would explode again. 

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Oh by the way.  For some intense irony, read this

 My goodness. It was passed when joe biden was a member of the U.S. Senate and then signed by then-President billy clinton: a comprehensive treaty agreement that allows cooperation between both the United States and Ukraine in the investigation and prosecution of crimes.  

And I should note, although I don’t know why anymore that fancy nancy demanded impeachment proceed because the the phone call, the transcript of which she had not even seen.

  We have to ferry Damon to the vet every other day to get his bandage changed.  He had an excellent check up yesterday. They said the healing was coming along so well he might be able to go bandage free next week.

I’d better get to work picking up the pieces of my head. Hard to nap otherwise.

aa© Robert Graham 2012