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We picked up Scott and family at Dulles Wednesday.  Kathleen and Steve kept us overnight and hosted a visitation of family from the area.  We got home late Thursday night and were greeted by four insane Golden Retrievers in multiple languages.  

Scott and I played golf yesterday on a beautiful but very windy day.  A storm had apparently passed through while we were on the road, doing significant damage.  A couple of trees were blown down with lots of leaves and branches.

Kayla starts her golf tutorials today extending through next week. 

The cartoons were particularly blah today.  Couldn’t even find my usual weird humor.  

I have some political ranting backed up ready to spew forth but no time.  We need to make the most of every minute with the kids.  Kayla and Kelly are growing up right in front of our eyes.




Had to get Hope to the vet before her morning pee.  That meant getting the other three out to do the morning thing without Hope copying.  Long story short:  We made it.

Getting estimates for redoing the deck in composite.  Sigh.  I have poured more money into that deck than I ever should have… aaaarggh.  Maybe this will fix it once and for all.

As we were driving to the vet, listening to the local blather coming from the radio.  Tony, the blather master, was bad mouthing religion.  He’s a libertarian atheist but not necessarily completely off track.  In any case as he was citing the crimes of religion, the thought struck me that God provides a place for him, makes few demands, encompasses him in His Grace, offers him eternal life and he says: well it sounds like BS to me…  Same sort of the thing as with these anti-American Americans who thrive on the bounty of this great Nation, are content to let others defend their freedom and whine about the oppression and misery as they play some sport or other.  Both category of folks should have interesting conversations during the eternal life interviews.

Ever wonder…?


Scott arrives tomorrow.  Just got a text and they are on the way - via China…


Good news

We heard indirectly from Jackson via his parents who received a phone call.  He is doing well and is enjoying his transition into adulthood.  Not much but very encouraging.

I had a quiet Father’s Day.  I heard from all of my kids.  The dogs were pretty much unconcerned but Gracie Pearl gave me kiss on the nose.  Mei Mei made me a small chocolate cake.  I thought about identifying as a Mom for the day so I could get a brunch out of it… 

The dogs are keeping us busy.  We were supposed to catch a urine sample from Hope this morning.  She wasn’t keen on the idea.  Imagine the  two of us in pajamas, dancing around the yard with a plastic catch basin trying to keep up with a Chi-com pup who was pretty sure we meant her the worst sort of harm.  Do you think she was going to stop to pee…?  The other dogs went into the house to hide in embarrassment…

We are interviewing a dog sitter for our quick trip to DC to fetch Scott and the girls.  I suspect it’s more likely we’ll get rejected.  Four crazy dogs …

Haven’t seen much on the US Womens soccer team star Megan Rapinoe refusal to sing the National Anthem.  Apparently her idol is kaepernink.  She is quoted as saying:

 "I feel like it's kind of defiance in and of itself to just be who I am and wear the jersey, and represent it," Rapinoe said then. "Because I'm as talented as I am, I get to be here, you don't get to tell me if I can be here or not.”

“So it's kind of a good ‘F you' to any sort of inequality or bad sentiments that the [Trump] administration might have towards people who don't look exactly like him. Which, God help us if we all looked like him,” she added. “Scary. Really scary."

“Colin Kaepernick very much inspired me, and inspired an entire nation, and still does, to actually think about these things,”

Yeah… my kind of hero… Another pissy little self-centered liberal… Pardon me if I don’t cheer… 



Strange climate

Must that AGW caused cooling or something… I’ve got the sneezes … 

Let’s see … PDT is a branded traitor because he, hypothetically, might use oppo research provided by a foreign entity… bb hil DID use and pay for foreign oppo research known to be bunk and went so far as to leverage it to get the US government to spy on the Trump campaign, eventually leading to the SpecProc… But that was OK because she is a democrat.   Have I got that right…?  Whew.  Good. then all is right with the political world.   When one lives on a house full of democrats, 3/4 of which are female, sometimes the perspective gets warped.

Welcome home to the Kuhns who have been away on a secret mission agitating the Brexit folks… Can’t say any more…

Is it true that PDT bought the entire democrat candidate slate vacations in the Dominican Republic…?  Excellent allocation of resources.

Very sad article in the WSJ this morning re the pathetic state of the economy in Connecticut.  The once beautiful destination of those seeking tax relief is now the California of the East Coast.  Over taxed, over spent, another example of the insanity of democrat governance. As the article said, if the State were a business it would be completely bankrupt; but it’s a State and one whose people keep electing the same idiots who broke it.  Now Virgina is headed in that same direction.  Texas… Yeah… If I weren’t almost old, I might be looking for some oxen and a covered wagon…

Cartoons… Again nothing really exciting.  Mocking biden takes no effort.  I’ve seen or used most of them.  A few tickled me but I’m easy after I've had my coffee...

If you missed the story of the wicked witch chosen to be the keynote speaker at the cyber security convention you nay have been on a cruise around the UK

I used to tell my grandkids that silly isn’t funny.  But then...


Advice for the day


Good day...

on the golf course yesterday.  Three of our team broke 80: one guy was even par, another was just two over;  I was at 79.  Always fun when everyone is on.  Sort of like when the republicans do something right… Doesn’t happen often but great when it does.

Who is your favorite opponent for PDT in 2020…?  I’d be happy with any of the front runners:  joey, mad man bernie, or that indian chick.  The most scary pairing would be buttigieg and kamala… very scary indeed.  Let’s hope the power structure swings towards joey… Make America America Again indeed.


Four dogs is a lot of dogs.  Hope, our problem child, is settling in nicely.  She is still very apprehensive, especially about me.  She is worried about my putting and tendency to shank wedge shots… Just kidding … my putting isn’t that bad… Ginger goes to the vet today for a post surgery check.  If all is well we may get her on the available list soon.  We have to go up to DC to fetch Scott and family next week so what to do with four dogs…?  Can’t take them obviously, but don’t want to trust them to an inexperience sitter either…  I mean four democrats in one house demanding care and attention…?  Too much.

Some scary goings-on the Gulf…  Four tankers get mined… Blamed on the Iranians… Then several Iranians tankers suffer mysterious fires while in port, at least two destroyed… And just in the last few hours it appears there were torpedo attacks on tanker in the gulf.  And oil prices were just starting to go down… Coincidence…?

Did I read somewhere the Pope has said God determines gender…?  Wow.  How does that affect a man’s right to choose…?  I mean this could affect a young guys dream to shower with the girls basketball team.   Sometimes this religious dogma is just not fair…


No time...

Got to vote and see our financial advisor… Here is today’s screed:


Can you identify the gender…?  Chortle…

Very wet...

Too much rain.  Too many spam phone calls.  Too many weeds in the yard.  I am struggling with excess as you can see.  Yet we have four dogs and not yet crying too many dogs… We may get there.  Our new China girl, Hope, is clearly not house broken.  

Other than that she is fun to watch as she adapts to the western culture.  She loves a ball.  She doesn’t really play with it but gets very excited. We were watching golf on TV when she spotted the ball moving across the green.  She parked herself in front of the TV watching the golf balls, trying to grab them and then trying to figure out where they went.  That went on for on hour until I had to turn the TV off to get her away from it.

IMG 1967

Looks like the steam is gone from the impeachment drive.  Maybe they realized there was nothing there to convince the public or maybe Nancy’s fear of losing the house carried the day.  The stupidity continues but who can be surprised at that.  I mean we are dealing with  democrats.

Poor joey.  He is rightfully taking heat for his flipping and flopping.  Is it any wonder his staff won’t let him take questions.  In the world of democrat dufusses (is that’s a word) he must be king.


At least he is besties with hussein

I need a root canal.  And even worse I have to call and schedule it…  More excess… 


Dreary… sort of

It’s Saturday.  That used to mean something but now it only means the occasional SBS and golf on TV.  But this Saturday is 1) our anniversary 2) our first day with a new foster 3) Roscoe’s first day without that nasty tumor on his eyelid.  The vet clipped the tumor and then froze the remainder.  No anesthesia so that was good.

Hope is a three year old female from China.  She was having some anxiety issues at her foster home, causing diarrhea and other symptoms.  She was paired with a young puppy who apparently was relentless in annoying the poor girl.  In any case we were asked to take her on an emergency basis.  She is very sweet but a little anxious.  Not too anxious because she is currently sleeping at my feet.

IMG 1964

This morning the Islamist and the Chi-com ran together to the back fence.  All we need now is a Russian or maybe an Iranian and our political assembly will be complete.

Normally on this occasion, I would pen a tribute to my companion of 58 years. Maybe not today but that doesn’t make me any less grateful for having her in my life for well over a half-century.  Had she not rescued me from my evil ways back in 1957, I probably would not be here to create these  pixels

Want to know why PDT is so great…?  In spite of universal opposition from within and without his Party along with threats to overturn, he held to the tariffs.  Mexico had no doubt he meant what he said.  After all they read the papers; they knew about the politics… yet they came to an agreement.  This sort of no BS is why we so desperately need him in 2020.

The Saturday cartoons were disappointing.  I’ll post a couple but my enthusiasm is low…


and finally: 

IMG 1747

See what I mean…?



day of of muddled logic…  Apparently joey, the sniffer, biden was for the Hyde Amendment before he was  against it.  Evidently he plagiarized his earlier opinion but when called on it he apologized and made it right.   Of course everyone knows how the evil Hyde Amendment prevents a woman from her right to choose… Uh… well I guess not everyone knows.  I don’t.  Maybe someone could explain why the government not wanting to pay for murder has something to do with a woman’s rights… 

I was very busy yesterday, doing something.  Can’t remember what it was but it prevented me from commenting on D-Day.  My words wouldn’t have been meaningful anyway.  I will say PDT has had a terrific overseas trip and his visit to Normandy and his speech were Presidential in every respect.  I loved that Melania high-fived a 95 year old vet.

A couple of relevant cartoons:


Roscoe is in the clinic for removal of the growth on his eye.  He was very reluctant to go.  

Tomorrow is year 58 for the Graham-Everett union.  We will celebrate raucously in some fashion.  Probably party with the dogs well into the evening…Maybe as late as 9...

Just got a emergency call to take another foster.  This one is from China… Good news is she is unlikely to be Islamic.  Bad news is she is suffering from severe diarrhea.  I’m thinking it is only a reaction to tariffs and maybe an overdose of chinese dumplings…


Home Early

Let’s see… 7 guys worth of sea stories…Six Navy and a lone Grunt.  A mostly empty golf resort and course… Absolutely perfect weather… The course sits at 2200 feet above sea level.  50’s at night 75-80 during the day… an astoundingly beautiful course… gourmet food…And I didn’t play all the badly… It was a great time.  But after finishing up yesterday with everyone leaving this morning, I made the decision to not stay the night and come on home to see if I could catch my wife with the marine…  As it turns out the marine was a Sunday School curriculum meeting and the the perfidy was her signing me up to teach w/o my consent.

One of the requirements for a guy’s golf outing is peeing in the woods.  In this case however, well appointed bathrooms were available on course obviating the need.  At one stop, the men’s was full so given the opportunity, I identified as “able_to_use_any_bathroom_that_I_damn_well_please” and slipped into the “Ladies”.  And that’s where I discovered it’s all a lie… There are differences… Nary a urinal in sight…

The organizer of the trip is what one might call a “liberal”.  That was somewhat hard to define given the rest of us were hard over, radical right wing barbarian extremists.  In other words we were PDT supporters and he was not.  His life was spared by his wise decision not to participate in any of the choir preaching. 

Not a lot of news available in that part of Virginia.  We didn’t watch a lot of TV.  I did see a picture of PDT at the State Dinner with the Queen. All quite regal and imposing but it seemed to me that every eye was on Melania who is just stunning.  If she were a democrat, God forbid, she could rule the world. Her poise and stature would invoke worship across the globe.  But since she is married to that person, she is just another cretin in the eyes of the elite.

I suppose the bells of impeachment are still ringing across the democratosphere.  I seem to have no hearing at that frequency.


I’m not sure hearing aids would help.


aa© Robert Graham 2012