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Only one little tweak in my lesson plan and I am ready to go.  There hasn’t been a lot to blog about in any case.  I have extended my hyperbole to the limits describing the democrats.  I can only regress at this point to bad, bad, very bad…

While I am certain that beating on the clinton machine is fruitless and can only lead to suicidal actions, I did catch an article on The Hill describing yet another FBI failure with respect to bb hil and her blatant compromise of national security.  In essence, there was evidence of further severe compromise of classified information by the evil witch but to gather the evidence required access to “sensitive compartmented data” and for "some reason” found that problem too hard and didn’t pursue it.  Apparently it remains to be seen if DOJ under Barr will go back in for the the kill.

Yeah bad choice of words:

Speaking of the FBI, i see where that paragon of integrity, andy mccabe is now working for cnn.  Well of course he is.


We had dinner with ’61 folks last night and as we were heading home, it gaga to rain.  God must have thought we were Noah.  Monsoon indeed.  I think we got over 3 inches of rain in a very short time.  Normally Roscoe is fine with thunder storms but when we got home he was panting and hiding upstairs in a closet.  He was very glad to see us.  The roof didn’t need the storm what with one known leak and probably others.  I did just sign a contract to replace the whole thing.  Yeah.  Not cheap. We may be on peanut butter and dog food for a few months but… Hey, we both need to loose weight…

We await, nervously, the report on the testing of the dogs.  Actually I will get myself tested next month.  Who could have predicted that fostering would create this anxiety…

Interesting editorial in the WSJ this morning about red flag laws and how they are working in California. The argument for includes the requirement for a judicial finding.  If that gives anyone a feeling of security, perhaps they should more carefully monitor recent judicial rulings that favor liberal causes in spite of the Constitution.  I take no comfort.  But then I am such a milk toast, how could I ever run afoul of such laws…?

Anyway I agree with joyey… No gun needs to be capable of holding 100 clips...



I am not easily amused.  I only found three cartoons passable and they really only got a smirk:  The first is just true:


The second is weird:

And finally:

My lesson plan is at 97%.  I will be seeking extra large magazines with which to slaughter pixels this afternoon.  Unless of course both the magazines and video games have been banned.  In which case I will be illegally doing some things at with my Playstation.  But you didn’t hear that here…

Given the now official suicide of epstein, I guess maybe this one did wring a wry smile:

Burn out

I need a break so I’m doing a short blog today.  

Epstein… what a farce.  Of course he was taken out.  It’s like a scene from a really bad crime novel.  We'll never officially know who pulled the strings just like we don’t know who officially set up PDT.  But we do know, don’t we…?

Of course we do

Here is just how out of touch I am.  I consider Elizabeth Warren to be a fringe nut job with the charisma of a poison ivy plant.  I can no more see her as  President than I can the pit bull next door.  And the pit bull is significantly less angry and hateful. Yet she seems to be taking the lead among the other circus clowns on the democrats slate…  Poor joey is suffering from foot in the mouth disease so badly, his handlers are taking him off the circuit.  It would seem to me that except in the states with more than two genders, she would actually make some democrats vote for PDT.


Still working...

But there’s a lot going on.  Besides the cartoons about the Epstein “suicide” are too good.

And there were a lot more…

My lesson on Sunday went OK.  I think you can put that in context… A golf and video gamer player who once was an engineer of sorts, lectured a group of 80-90 year olds on God’s plan for humanity. Any questions?  I get to follow that this week with ‘Why God’s Love Prevails… 

Speaking of love, apparently Chris Cuomo of CNN, became violently and obscenely enraged when called “Fredo” by a PDT supporter.  The fragile ego of the news interpreter class.  Apparently without writers Cuomo tends to become somewhat less articulate than the average pit bull.

There was an intersection of the Graham family and the McKee family their beach house over the weekend.  We were represented by ourselves and a partial showing of the Fuqua branch.  We left the gathering after dinner only to experience what happens on the one road in and out of the Sandbridge area when there is an accident.  It took us over an hour to make the the 7 mile transit.

Scott won a photo award for one of his shots from his Utah trip:

Amazing stuff.


Wasn’t going to blog for already stated reasons, but I got a series of calls.  Jackson called from SUBASE NLON.  He’s about to start Sub School and was checking in.  He is already talking in acronyms, many of which I never heard before so it was hard to decipher.  He is excited about the plan which includes Sub School, another school and then off to be a Navigation Electronics Technician.  His maturity has deepened and I am so pleased at this point.  

Kathleen called and apparently Steve has a plausible explanation for his malady.  It will take some more time but they feel they are on the way to a solution.

Then this morning Scott called.  He has just returned from a photo shoot safari in Kenya.  His stories are book worthy but I wanted to include two of his pictures, one from Africa and one from their trip out west:

What an artist.  This is the kid who started out as trombone player, shifted to Navy helicopters, became a Master Scuba Instructor and then a math teacher… Oh and then he dropped the news that Kayla, our golf protege, is interested in going into the Navy…

Back to work…


I have to teach Sunday School three weeks in a row.  This week’s lesson is on God’s Plan for Humanity… Stop smirking… That’s really the lesson… I think you will understand why blogging will be at a very low priority… 

I have to say with respect to the above, I cannot comprehend the Plan that includes these mass murders… That folks who are privileged to live in this country with all that is offered are capable of that type of horror speaks to our National Culture. The departure from family and Christian values is the key element in the hate that drives the insanity.  Can we ever recover that very special ethos…?  

Sorry, I don’t think so.  


I have been very bad about blogging.  Simple enough though… I have little to say. The self-parody of the democrats cannot improved on. I mean they are beating up on hussein… I can’t top that.  I’ve got nothing.  

Anyway we have been busy what with a leaky roof, an epidemic of runny dog poop, an aging air conditioning system that has failed twice in the last week causing not only discomfort but costs on a catastrophic level.  Don’t even get me started on the freezer disaster resulting in the total loss of contents…

So on to the cartoons of the week as published by PowerLine and picked over by me…

First up is the Baltimore situation where no one questions that the city is a rat infested, garbage dump with the highest murder rate in the country.   Doesn’t matter that brainless bernie said it first… The problem is PDT said it. 

IMG 0259

Then the ones that made me laugh:

IMG 1925


Honor the Sabbath...

was the subject of our Minister’s sermon yesterday.  He spoke of not working, assembling for worship and, most important, the need for rest.  He encouraged us all to go home and take a nap.  Can you see why I love this guy…?

Today I am struggling with racism...


Apparently any disagreement with people whose skin color is not white is racism, while the converse is not.  Actually skin color has little to do with it because criticism of democrats by conservatives is also racism.  Insistence on border security is racist.  Condemnation of radical Islamic terrorism is racist.  Support of Israel’s struggle to exist is racist. Patriotism is racist - thanks a lot Nike. Giving one’s child a white puppy is racist… Wow.  Do you see my conundrum…?  Well there is one constant that can help my confusion.  PDT is a racist no matter what he says or does so there in itself is the definition.

It seemed unfair and by definition racist,  for PDT to single out Baltimore and the representation of Maryland's 7th Congressional District for criticism.  But then it would be typical of a racist to call out rat infestation and seemingly poor leadership and governance in a solidly democratic region.  So I looked into it.  Or rather I found an article I liked by someone who looked into it.  Of course it was someone from FOX News (Oh the racist shame…).

Some bullet points:

“Fourteen Baltimore neighborhoods have lower life expectancies than North Korea,” the Washington Post reported. “Eight are doing worse than Syria.”

"According to Orkin Pest Control, Baltimore is one of the most rat-infested cities in America. The pest control company ranks Baltimore No. 6 on its list. All of the Top 10 most rat-infested cities are controlled by Democrats, by the way.

"The BBC featured the city in a scathing report on poverty in America. At least 25 percent of the people in Cummings' congressional district live in poverty.”

Much more at the link.  My racism in pointing this out is blatant and probably unforgivable.  But I did honor the Sabbath yesterday.  I took a nap.



Are good in general.  They apparently at one time were part of a thing called a weekend.  This designation had something to do with not going to work, a four letter word unknown and undefined to almost old people.  Even so, Saturdays produce cartoons at PowerLine, and sometimes, as I reminisce, the playing of music to include Tammy Wynette, Neil Diamond and the New Christy Minstrels…(Inside family joke)

So today we are basking in the glow of Jackson’s becoming a sailor, the deck upgrade and a low humidity, sunny moderate day.  The cartoons were mediocre but there were a couple that jangled my weird synapses.  I had already rejected most of the SpecProc ones as either cruel or insufficiently mocking of democrats. But a couple I hadn’t seen were pretty good:


And then the ones that probably only I find funny:

There is a lawn to be mowed, deck furniture to be moved and many, many other tasks that may or may not be attempted on this bright clear Saturday morning.  I will eliminate thousands of pixels whose threat to your existence you may not even be aware of.  You are welcome.  That exertion may lead tp a nap.


Big Day

Jackson graduates from boot camp this morning.  Awaiting the live stream which will be on at 9:30 because I forgot Chicago is in the Central time zone.  Hopefully, I will have pictures to post.

While I wait, I’d like to comment on the magic of disappearing news.  Recall a year or two back when Rep Scalise was almost murdered by a left wing activist…?  It took less than 24 hours for the story to fade from view.  I wonder why that was…? I mean the shooters motives were never established…  Yeah…This morning I looked for news of the SpecProc hearing…. All gone… I wonder why…I mean the democrat’s motives were never established…


My Lady of the Word, Kimberly, nicely deconstructs the mueller attempts at safeguarding the secret full out assault on PDT by the FBI, CIA and DOJ under the guidance of hussein…  It’s rather ironic to me that those whom the news interpreters consider bastions of integrity… ie… comey and mueller, turned out to be partisan crusaders hell bent of the destruction of PDT.  Somehow the greatness of AGBarr escapes their scrutiny as it turns out he is really the one who with strength of character and that mystical quality off integrity.  Let’s all pray for truth and the American Way that his quest is not interrupted by agents of evil…

The final steps in completing the deck, the mounting of the rails in in progress.  I hope to have pictures of that as well.  So far I am very satisfied and wish I had sprung for the cost several years ago.

IMG 2111

Late entry:

IMG 2116

Jackson is middle of the picture at the tip of the flag.

IMG 2115



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