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Pearl Harbor

We lived in an area known as Little Makalapa, up on a hill overlooking Pearl Harbor.  One day a couple knocked on the door.  They said they were living in our very house on Dec 7 1941.  They ran into the pineapple fields behind the house to take cover.  Everyone thought an invasion was underway.  Can’t even imagine the fear and the horror.  

I salute those who fought back with anything they could find. In total, 2,403 Americans were killed during the attack. Of that figure, 2,008 of them were enlisted with the Navy, 218 were members of the US Army, 109 were Marines, and 68 were civilians.  The Japanese lost 4 mini-submarines, 29 aircraft and 64 men.  They won the battle but lost the war.  Yamamoto’s sleeping giant awoke indeed.


OK.  I made the scones yesterday.  Not a complete success.  They were well baked, tasted good but came out flat in shape more like a biscuit than scone. Clearly my layering needs work. Can’t really go wrong with butter, heavy cream and sugar...  Next attempt will be orange-ginger….

Sort of an inside joke but I have spent a lot of time in Sunday School dwelling on Constantine and the impact he had on Christianity. Without his conversion the Romans may well have killed off Christianity completely…Anyway:

Some others that tickled:

IMG 2298

Although I am not in synch with the mocking of little Greta, this one reminds me of her:


I know my bias.  It stems from deeply felt social and political conservatism.  I have no tolerance for the causes of the SJW or those who prioritize political confusion over common sense.  Even so, as I watch the impeachment train screeching into the curve, teetering  wildly on the inside wheels, I have to ask:  what am I missing…? Are the democrats provoking a constitutional crisis over a phone call, the transcript of which has been released…?  Really…?  Charges of bribery…?  Really…?  Why does this sound like grade school retribution for not being invited to the birthday party…?  Are the democrats truly ready to put this farce before the American People and all of history…?  Wow….  I guess its just my bias but I can’t get my head around it.

nadler calls forth constitutional experts tp testify... and all that history will record is that one of them made her case by making fun of a teenagers name.  The most articulate of the experts, a registered Never-Trumper, told them they had no case and had enumerated no crimes.  Yet the democrats cheered… Solemnly of course

As I was preparing my notes for Sunday’s lesson, I read in Mark where Jesus was critical of those who gave money to the Synagog that should have been used to support their aging parents.  Just saying…

My Lady Kimberly took adam schiff to task in the WSJ this morning over his unlawful foray into and public release of the phone records of fellow congressmen, rudy and some so-called journalists.  Clearly to my biased psyche this amounted to much more of a crime than the imaginary charges against PDT.  In a fair world he would be punished, perhaps even stoned… But as I often asked my kids… Where is the fairness clause in your contract…?  They would respond: but I don’t have a contract….   Exactly... 

Today I embark on a new baking adventure.  I plan to make scones.  Although I didn’t see bacon in the recipes, scones involve lots of butter and even heavy cream.  How can I go wrong. Hmmm... maybe just a little bacon wouldn’t hurt…

Have a great day and remember...



Trudeau and Macron were caught speaking in mocking terms about our man.  This to real Americans would be a badge of honor.  I expect the actual dialog was no worse than what democrats say about bb hil behind her back but the American News Interpreters love it when the elite are caught looking down on America.  

Sarah Hoyt is an extraordinary blogger.  One of her recent entries is very much worth reading as she discusses the Jeffrey Epstien did not kill meme recurrence.  She asks how when everyone knew billy clinton was traveling on the Lolita Express no one dared to create the news story of the century. She talks of hillary excused of crimes many americans have been imprisoned for.  She talks of impeachment because joey biden is corrupt…Really good stuff.

I regret the mocking of Greta Thumberg by the conservative media.  She is an easy target but come on… She is a child.  She is also capable of an articulate defense of her beliefs.  When we disparage her sincerity we really are no better than the irrational screamers on the left.  

A suitable target for disparagement is schiff and his campaign of madness.  Apparently it’s OK for him to access the phone records of republicans and others… He is the prime example of what governance under democrats has become.  Laws are for the little people…


Good line from someone: Tulsi stabbed Harris four months ago and she slowly bled to death, passing away yesterday… Thanks Tulsi…


Weekend.  Kuhns had us over for tasty hot turkey sandwiches.  Yum.  Nice evening.

Football was memorable.  Virginia over Virginia Tech; Auburn over Alabama;  Navy won a tight defensive battle over Houston 55-41.  Not sure how to make the political analogy … Are the democrats the underdogs or is PDT…? 

Lee Child’s character, Jack Reacher is always entertaining.  He is an itinerant former Army officer; WP graduate, having served in the Military Police.  Each story, and there are many, has him entering a new town, with only the clothes on his back and a few dollars in his pocket.  Somehow he engages crime, beats up most of the bad guys and leaves on the next bus.  In the latest story he murders half the town as he takes out competing criminal gangs.  The murders are unapologetic and quite brazen.  No accounting is made for the families or life circumstances of the the victims.  The only concession to political correctness was the competing gangs were not black or hispanic: they were Ukrainian and Albanian.  Rather bizarre story and obviously a social commentary.  With Reacher moving from just fists to head shots, the link to PDT taking out his adversaries must be obvious.  Still I hesitate…

Every Thanksgiving, Scott entertains the expat crowd and others.  The Graham Resort hosts literally hundreds for turkey and the fixings.  The turkeys are imported and are very expensive. I have forgotten how many he said they prepared but it was on the order of a dozen.  They have teams who deep fry the birds and teams who carve.  Unbelievable production… A snapshot of part of the crowd below:


Stuff to do.  It’s cyber Monday after all

Morning After

I am mistily nostalgic this morning after a whirlwind trip to Alexandria to be with the Fuqua family.  They are of course matriarched by our own Susan Kathleen so we were legitimate participants.  While the traditions celebrated were uniquely Fuqua, I did get Sticky Buns which evolved from the greater family.  I should note that the Fuqua Thanksgiving Eve chili paired with the uniquely Steve margarita was especially pleasing.  The pre-dinner Balvenie (double wood 12) was also a lovely addition to the giving of Thanks.

We flew down the 95 and 64 corridors to get home last night.  3 hours 20 minuets, about as fast as that trip can be made in a conventional, carbon producing, four wheels on the ground,  automobile.  This contrasts to the 6 hour trek on Tuesday where the traffic was somewhat less generous and the drivers perhaps less thankful.

Gracie-Pearl apparently has never made a road trip.  She was alert and interested on the way up.  The return trip in the dark was disconcerting for her and she growled, whimpered and squeaky barked most of the way home.  Adaptation to the Western World remains elusive as she clings to her Islamic past.

The dems are digging deeply this morning for the impeachable offenses committed by PDT on his surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan.  Perhaps the most serious was the imposed secrecy necessary to provide security.  It is unconscionable to deprive terrorists and some democrats  of their Constitutionally  guaranteed “Pursuit of Happiness” by protecting the life of that cacodaemon (look it up).

In any case, we open the season of Advent.  That is the topic of my SS lesson this and the next two weeks.  Today we will surrender quantities of the accumulated family treasure in exchange for a gaudy and excessive light display that has much to do with celebrating Christmas and little to do with the birth of the Savior. And so endeth the lesson.


Much ado...

So farewell SecNav… We hardly knew ye… There's an old maxim that implores one to choose his (hers, theirs, etc etc etc) battles wisely.  Apparently that was lost on the Navy Chain of Command as several chose to fall on their swords over the discipline or lack of disciple for the complex soul of Master Chief Gallargher. Sadly it was not a moralistic stand but more probably one of ego.    The “war crime” in question was posing for a picture beside the body of a dead combatant…  Wow…  Was that worth the Seppucu blade…?  Perhaps this is the ritualistic cleansing the Navy needs in the aftermath of her liberalization under the former CinC.  Collisions at sea anyone…?

There is a lot of murmuring that democrats are getting cold feet over impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.  There have been a couple of ads run in our local area targeting our democrat incumbent.  As I pointed out previously she has already  publicly convicted PDT.  I called out her shame to the Virginian Pilot and they actually published my letter.  When you lose the support of the VP-Democrat you may have cause for concern.


I’ll be off-line for the celebration of family and the giving of Thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…



The whispers continue to indicate the great Conservative Hope, the IG Report, will fizzle.  I have already predicted that but never the less, I am depressed at the thought.  We of the group  so far to the right we almost overlap the left, have counted on this retribution for so long, anything less than a complete colonic irrigation of the FBI will be disaster. Oh well…

Peggy Noonan’s Saturday column is titled: “Trump’s Defenders have No Defense” .  If you have read my words in the past, you know I am not a fan.  Within the column she makes easy work of Lt Col Vindman.  His self-righteous snobbery offends even Peggy.  But she dwells on the collection of testifiers making the dems case by repetition of innuendo that must not be ignored.  That of course is the goal of schiff, et al. She doesn’t bother to enumerate the specific crimes for which PDT must be impeached.  She just celebrates the "Deep State” attempt to clear the muck away from the White House.  I am not a fan.

The cartoons were pretty good this morning.  A couple amused me enough I will plagiarize for my use here:


And in the silly category:

IMG 2236

IN the honorable mention category:

And of course, the recurring...

Go Navy.  Beat SMU

Friday already…?

Not a lot of evidence thus far but I am pretty sure time theft is an impeachable offense.  On the other hand who needs evidence to prove impeachable offenses…?

PDT is taking heat for interfering in the administration of military justice because he restored the rank of the Master Chief Navy Seal who was convicted of some horrendous crime under the pressure of warfare in Afghanistan or thereabouts.  

The trial was a cluster fark of prosecutorial misconduct on the part of military trial judges and prosecutors. The Navy wanted to at least disqualify the man by forbidding him to wear the Seal Trident. PDT said no way.  The moral issues at trial are significant. There is no way to rationally judge in this case.  Who among us can understand the situational pressures imposed on men who are trying to serve in an environment where everyone, man woman and child, is trying to kill them and their team…? 

So PDT cut through the BS and said leave them alone.  And that’s among the reasons I will vote for him - again.

Apparently there is a catch phrase on social media: “OK Boomer”,  that is used sarcastically by millennials to mock the Baby Boomer generation’s derision of them and their attitude.  I have no connection to social media.  I don’t tweet, facebook or any of the other verbs associated with the culture, so I did not understand the reference until I  looked it up. Now I understand the cartoon I used a week or so ago… And now it’s laugh out loud funny

Yesterday I saw the dentist and the eye doctor. I can still both chew and see.  

I, along with the entire class of 1961, marched in JFK’s Inaugural parade.  I admired the way JFK handled the Cuban Missile Crisis.  JFK had a strong aura of wisdom about him...


Busy day

Both dental and eye appointments today.  Nothing startling but time consuming.

Jackson calls every 10 days or so.  He is starting the end game on his training.  By February he will be what is best described as a Navigation Electronics Technician.  NavET.  A fairly amazing transition from where he was last year at this time.  We are very proud of him.  But to keep things in perspective, we are very proud of all of our grandchildren. Their success in life is what we pray for regularly.

I fear the dems don’t realize the damage they are doing to themselves with these hearings.  They regularly preempt soaps during the afternoon.  The ran late into the evening last night and almost  into Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.  Close one.  Step on Alex Trebeck and kiss your future goodbye…  

The sun is shining.  At least for now.  Word is going around that the Sun was witness to some quid pro quo on the part of the clintons...


epstein did not kill himself

Still running on empty

I guess I could critique the hearings but who cares… The agenda is pre-determined and so is the outcome.  The longer this all goes on the less interested anyone outside Washington is.  I supposed there are some folks glued to the TV and shocked and outraged by the pronouncements of rep schiff, the Super Chair.  On the other hand those people are in a constant state of shock and outrage.  My guess a large part of the audience could not find Ukraine on a map and would be hard pressed to name the three branches of the Government. If memory serves it’s  Larry, Curley and Moe, right…?

There is a glow in the southern sky.  Not sure what it is but to quote J. Cash “I ain't seen the sunshine since I don’t know when”

Rumors abound that the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into the Epstein termination…  The good news is the Epstein memes will continue...

I was going to concern myself with when exactly God grants a soul to a human in the context of the abortion debate but the answer is obvious to those with souls and what’s the point …?

The long awaited IG report to be revealed on Dec 11th…? A day that will live in infamy…?  Or was that already used…?  Can’t wait for the dem contempt and derision… The entire corps of the Great American News Interpreters will fall all over themselves with shiny objects… Distract and Ignore.  Old news.

aa© Robert Graham 2012