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Good day

I played very well yesterday, breaking 80, notching my first "shooting my age event" since getting almost old.  We did play Heron Ridge - home field advantage.

The climate has been lovely for the last few days.  It’s nice to see the local colors, greens and assorted reds and whites before the heat of summer lashes out.

We are still fighting the spill of gasoline in the back of the van.  I applied a thick layer of baking soda to the area hoping for some aroma mitigation.  Next is the carpet cleaning with the small Bissell.  In the meantime leaving the back gate open to the air.  We have been advised to spread coffee grounds, a solution of vinegar and water… But most sites tell me the smell will linger forever.  Sigh…

Given the democrat hate for PDT and their willingness to overlook and even participate in treachery and criminality from the National governance, combined with the complicit news interpreters, it is pretty much a miracle that the  presidential coup orchestrated by hussein and the evil witch of Chappaqua  did not succeed.  It’s thanks to patriots like Rep Jordan and Nunes that we have the insight into the ground truth.  Were it not for them only the stench would have apparent.  In a just and fair world, the next IG report and the Barr efforts would condemn the interpreters to their shame and result in some much needed jail time for some very senior criminals.  But we know how that’s going to come out… See Smollett for details.


Creepy joe finally loaded into the clown car.  In what America does it make sense for this group of mad hatters to be the darlings of the electorate…?  Allow the Boston Bombers to vote from prison…?  Surely that is parody… I sob at the truth…

We watch the TV show “Seal Team”.  it’s not the action story you might think although there are snippets of good guys taking out bad guys in just the way you hope is reality.  There is a heavy emphasis on the family and mental issues suffered by that particular group of heroes.  Last night the show focused on the plight of damaged vets dealing with the VA.  It was a harsh and uncomfortable show but probably very close to the truth.  We retired military enjoy amazing health care benefits.  Not so for the veterans who didn’t get to retire.  The VA is a National Tragedy somewhere near the democrat corruption in scale.  Only an intervention from God will make it serve those who did. Or a benevolent dictator who can hang folks at will…

Big things coming to VaBch this weekend with high celebrity music concerts.  I don’t know the players but millions of others do and are flocking into town. Pharrell Williams is the lead name and he is bringing a lot of other high profile groups.  The bottom line is the crowds will dominate the weekend.  Best not to venture into the downtown.  We will for Church on Sunday assuming the town isn’t on lockdown or burning…

I’d like to mention that back when we were meeting resistance from the Navy recruiters as Jackson tried to enlist, I asked for assistance from my representative in Congress.  She is a democrat but a retired Navy Commander.  For the record, I got a response but zero help.  The local office did make a call to the local recruiter and that only made the situation worse.  It’s not likely I would ever vote for her anyway but certainly not after this.  Lesson is congressional representatives are hardly that.  They, especially democrats, are there to support the agenda.  There are no benefits for constituents unless the constituent can pay….



In a nut shell


I probably won’t live to see the revolution.  Do you suppose the Russians will interfere…?

I guess I could continue on my democrats stupid and liberal bad theme but even mustering my most sensational, vitriolic hyperbole, I can’t begin to express the true extent.  So I fall back to the well exercised meme to make my points:


 Nobody celebrates the PDT behavior.  But really, who else could pull this off


One of my most carefully observed of life truths is that no matter how the VDOT works to improve the roads, we never catch up.  They will  hamper traffic for months to make it all better.  Then once it is better, they start in again three miles down the road.  

Yesterday, while transporting, a 6 gallon gas container spilled in the back of the Odyssey.  You cannot imagine the mess.  Fortunately it was contained in the well at the back but I am sure we will never get the smell out.  After scooping and blotting the gas, we dumped three bags of kitty litter in to absorb as much as possible.  The residue is a giant mess in itself.  Nightmare….


Some people did something...

In Sri Lanka… You would be hard pressed to find out who by reading the Ap or WSJ this morning.  The AP reported that all Muslim groups had condemned the attack and that a deep conflict between Buddhists and “other religious groups" could have played a part… To the rest of the news interpreters, the whole attack on "Easter worshipers” ( God forbid they should be referred to as Christians) is a mystery indeed… 


We attended the 11:15 service this morning along with enough others to completely fill the available seats in the Church.  Our paster did make an ironic reference to those who found time to come to Church on this day but can not otherwise.  The music and Lessons were wonderful. We topped off the celebration with Bonnie and Joe at brunch… Very nice.

There is a new, very popular video game called “The Division”. The setting is post-apocalyptic Washington DC.  The city has been devastated and the people abandoned only surviving by gathering in communal defensive zones while malicious gangs rule the streets.  Enter the heroes of the Division to take down the gangs and restore the values of America to the communes.  Not terribly afar from real life as I see it.  I’ll leave the designations of bad guys, good guys and the wandering masses as an exercise for the reader… but think democrats, socialism, the Great American Voter…  Should be easy.

It’s also easy to fit the analogy to the FBI arresting the Militia leader who was detaining illegals at the border.  People protecting their property from invaders because the Government won’t are arrested by the Government… Socialism anyone…?

It’s Earth Day.  Eat some carbon.


If you think...

You had a bad day, think of our Lord, who was arrested in the middle of the night, marched to a mock trial, imprisoned over night in a dark, damp hole in the ground; no food, no comfort.  Do you imagine anyone asked do you need to use the bathroom before we throw you in the hole?  Then bound, he was dragged to various tribunals until finally led to the scourge.  Lashed until his skin was gone he was made to carry the stipes of the cross to the place of his crucifixion where he suffered agony beyond belief.  On the other hand, tomorrow… 

I have been a Yankee fan since I was 10 years old and we lived in New York.  Today I learned, the Yankees have discontinued “God Bless America” sung by Kate Smith.  Some chin dribbling liberal discovered that Kate Smith had sung some songs in the 30’s and 40’s that may have had racist lyrics.  And the Yankee organization bowed in subservience to the SJW morons… So ends my allegiance.  What the hell is wrong with these people…

So the message from the SecProc, besides “I hate Trump” was the Russians had their way with the hussein administration.  Oddly enough, the dems don’t want to hear that song.


OK cartoons…. Well the Mueller report things are are trite and celebratory but don’t add value to just savoring the democrat debacle… so here are the amusing ones and in one case just plain hilarious:

IMG 9856

In honor of the SpecProc:

IMG 9812

Only a very few will get this one:

Not funny but true:



It’s over.  The only aggravation that persists is that of the dems who just can’t stand the glorious “ no collusion; no obstruction” words of the song.  Their intense infuriation and disapprobation cannot be mollified.  Now their target is the cool rational, observer and relater of the facts contained on the report: AG Barr. Because he didn’t speak ill of PDT he is labeled a  sycophant  I recall the  contemptuous e.holder, declaring to great democrat applause that he was hussein’s wingman.  Oh right… hypocrisy…democrat… interpreters… synonymous….


I didn’t even try to read the actual report… I mean why would I…?  But those who summarized and interpreted, clearly revealed the SpecProc and his evil minions tried their damnedest to find something, please GOD, anything, to convict the man or at least smear him unmercifully.  The best they could in two years do was whine…


And all the while bb hil, hussein and his train of dubious snots who were and are actually criminally culpable, soil their place on earth without reference or condemnation.  

I noticed on FOX that CNN reporter April Smith wants Sarah Sanders fired because “she lied to the American People”.  By that standard, wouldn't the whole of CNN be fired, along with the staff of the WP and NYT…?  If I had a penny for every time they lied about collusion

In other news, I played miserable golf on a beautiful day Wednesday.  Clearly that evil game was invented by a democrat.

Yesterday I visited the cardiologist who some time back installed my bionic heart augmentation.  He said why are you here…? I only see people who have issues.  You are healthy enough to do anything…  Get out of my office and don’t come back.  (Unless you have a problem, of course).  

I know you don’t care but last night, after destroying a huge monstrous accumulation of pixels portraying a  strange similarity to a House Committee Chair person  and thousands of creatures resembling democrat congress persons, all hungry for my soul, I was awarded the Exotic 1000 Voices Fusion Rifle and the coveted Glittering Key.  My performance was no doubt augmented in great measure by a wee dram of 14 year old Oban before the raid.

Ah…. Life is Good…



Who ever thought a cathedral could burn…?  Especially one that survived two world wars and the French Revolution. Some are saying that this is God’s message to Christianity and western civilization… Could be...


All things considered it would be best if this truly were an “accident”.  The prospect of terrorism is is very frightening all-around.  If young ms omar thinks her life is in danger because of her dismissal of 9/11…

Interesting that the democrats make a big thing when they think one of their own has aroused the ire of the nutcases.  I didn’t hear the same concern when “one of their own” actually shot a republican.

The climate changed over night from warm to cool.  Clearly we have less than 10 years to live.

Everyone I know wishes PDT would just cool it with his incessant tweets… On the other hand he absolutely drives the democrats and their interpreters crazy… With just a few keystrokes on his phone, he can control the news cycle for days at a time.  And it’s all done on his terms. 

PDT is giving Tiger the civilian Medal of Honor… That should really bring the haters out…

Clearly going nowhere today so here is an appropriate sign off:




If you missed the fact that Tiger won the Masters, you had to be hiding under a rock.  I watched it as did Scott, commenting along on WhatsApp.  The post-round interviews were full of the "what was going through your mind questions”… I give him as much credit for surviving the press questions as for winning the tournament.  Anyway, good for him.

Next Sunday, Easter Sunday, happens to also be the weekend for a massive concert in VB.  The city is expecting thousands of attendees.  We are wondering about the impact on our downtown Church.  VB doesn’t like publicity that diminishes the image of a family friendly tourist destination, so we can count on a heavy police presence and strict enforcement.  That could be a an explosive environment when mixed with the current genre of music concerts and their fans.

With respect to the Electoral college and the demand for its elimination by mindless, Constitutionally ignorant, I refer you to this cartoon.  I had to ponder a bit before I got it. 


My taxes were submitted and accepted by the IRS.  As was my check.  Still haven’t filed the State which will also be a check. I owe, I owe…

Green is the prevalent color… The sneeze is the prevalent reaction.  When we drove up to Petersburg last Friday, the visibility was actually hazy green due to the swirling sheets of pollen. 

If you replace “W” with “T” in What, Where and When, you get the answer to all three….

And finally:



Happy Saturday

Yeah, it’s rainy and dreary but yesterday, on top of the wave of good news like Mueller, and AGBarr and PDT, we were blessed.  Actually we drove for two hours and sat around for another hour for the opportunity to watch Jackson Riley, Pam’s oldest, raise his right hand and swear: " I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

Yesterday was the culmination of two days of physical and mental examination that resulted in a signed contract.  The Navy promises to enlist him in the Navy and send him along a path to being a Submarine Fire Control Technician.  In return he agrees to accept the bonus money and put up with the extreme aggravation to his millennial mindset to successfully complete the training. 


His other Grandfather, also a retired Submariner, and I celebrate.  But Mei Mei and I in particular.  Almost old people and millennials have sort of a relationship that smacks of two day old liver sushi with creme brûlée topping.

I guess I am enjoying, way too much, the current crap hole the democrats have dug for themselves.  To wit: maxine the moron, chair of the house Financial Services Committee, causing face palms across the political world as she tried to berate some Bankers for the student loan program.  It would seem she, sitting high on her chair above the witnesses, decided to announce to the world her ignorance of the fact the hussein administration had taken over the student loan program almost a decade ago.  Brilliant…

And then there is the moaning wail of injustice, not to mention the odoriferous flop-sweat emanating from all factions of the democrat machine as the great white hope, Mueller, and the evil prince of darkness, Barr, conspire to not only quench the flames of impeachment but propose counter-investigation.  The horror of it all and then to insinuate that there was spying… gasp… I mean any fool, and by that I mean comey, knows that the courts ordered surveillance.  How that can be construed as spying…why… uh… da… hmmm… ah… Gosh, I really can’t say…  And by not being able to say, I mean idiocy...

Cartoons…. right.  There were a couple of amusing ones:

How many times have I gotten this one as I try to log in...

Made me laugh:



IMG 9796

And the best of the lot:

IMG 1556


Crazy World...

AG Barr states the obvious and well established fact:  There was spying on the Trump campaign.  I don’t need to detail the evidence; I have been citing it for years.  And yet the news interpreters and democrats (pardon the redundancy) spin up their incredulous, shocked faces as if the very thought is fantasy.  The fallout from the collapse of the COLLUSION dream should be the perp march of the upper levels of power in the hussein admin and the AG Barr examination of the facts would logically lead to that event.  But take a snapshot of the smollett saga to get a feel for how it all comes out.  The public service of these fine people will override their crimes against humanity… see lois learner and the price she paid…


The poison from the young, very loud voices of the new green and anti-semitic democrat ladies of the house continues to fester.  They complain of the hate that they practice and yet are the darlings of the interpreters. Sweet omar gets a pass for describing 9-11 as some people did something...

To add to the craziness, I played really good golf yesterday.  Good drives, sharp iron shots, good putting.  Yet my score was poor. Just a couple of off line shots led to to my whining… That and the fact the the pin locations were set by democrats… 

Jackson is undergoing two days of testing, physicals and paperwork in Richmond.  This is the most serious step in the Navy recruitment process yet… Stay tuned…

And then there is bernie and his medicare for all plan.  Wow… His tax plan is truly devastating.  You know the word “decimate” came from the Roman Centurian practice of killing every 10th man… That sort of represents bernie's tax plan except in his case he kills every other person…

In my final reference to craziness I give you hillibrand, serving on the Armed Services Committee, referring to nuclear weapons as tactile… And she wants to have her little hand on the button…

GOD save us…


Here we are at Tuesday...

April is being stolen and it’s one of my favorite months.  Pollen not withstanding, the colors returning to the bleak brown stained world is exciting.  The daffodils, that have been blooming since February are sadly going away.  I blame the democrats of course but who wouldn’t…?

I have no attachment to UVA.  Back in the day it was known as a “party school”.  But we have church friends and acquaintances who either attended or have kids/grandkids who attended so we were inclined to favor the UVA basketball team as they moved to be Champions of the NCAA.  To be honest I never saw the ending of any of their games including the one last night.  My loyalty, marginal at best, does not dictate losing sleep.  Apparently GOD is a UVA fan given the favorable escapes the team managed on the way to becoming National Champions.  


I had blood work for my upcoming semi-annual chat with my urologist.  I have a couple of friends  whose cancer recurred after several years so the anxiety grows with increasing PSA numbers.  On the other hand I have paid my taxes, one of the two guaranties in life… Pretty sure I ain't escaping  the other…

AG Barr will be testifying before a democrat controlled committee this morning.  I can easily predict how that circus will proceed.  Fortunately Barr is a savvy and experienced bureaucrat.  My guess he will allow the fools to be fools and will come off as the adult in the room.  In any case there should be some good cartoons tomorrow.

i stopped drinking coffee because of the dehydration, at least for a while.  I have been back on the brew for a while now and life is much better with than without… so my addictions are and have been caffeine and sugar.  Yet I am still not quite old… Not bad…


aa© Robert Graham 2012