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A day with Apple

Apple rejected my old iPhone as a trade-in on my new phone.  They said it couldn’t load the OS and returned it to me.  I hooked it up to iTunes, reset the phone and loaded the latest OS with no probs.  Then I spend 3 hours, mostly on hold, with Apple trying to get some explanation.  Finally I was sent to the Apple store for a consult with a Genius.  They lost my appointment and made we wait for a half-hour but I kept my composure and the result was they took my phone and granted me the $250 I had initially been promised.  The life span wasted in the effort was worth more than the 250, but there is always satisfaction when the great corporation nods in agreement and makes it right.

The Virginia clown show flounders on.  This has all been good news for northam, the baby killer.  His crime of misapplied shoe polish has faded into old news as we all knew it would. In the meantime the rising star, Fairfax, finds himself under the Kavanaugh kloud… (sorry). Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving crowd.

Oh and check this one:


After a high of 81 yesterday, February ran back to Virginia.  Apparently the climate here is associated with the democrats.  

A couple of funny ones from Cartoon Saturday:

IMG 9399

And this one just fits my sense of humor:

I am trying a new hit counter,  The old one was like counting democrat votes in California..


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