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A lot...

Going on.  First allow me to edit yesterday’s post by adding in thanks to Joe and Bonnie who watched our dogs though some trying health issues; retrieved Mei Mei’s left behind meds and arranged to send them overnight; and left a wonderful black bean soup, with condiments, for us to consume on return.  Good friends.  All they ask in return is a kidney…

It has been my understanding from 81 years of observation, that God views our choices of governance with a great deal of apathy.  He has given us his standards for how we should live our lives and told us we violate those at our peril. But whether we live under a representative democracy, a theocracy, a brutal dictatorship or what ever, is apparently up to us.  In any case, all of these forms of society eventually fail.  See rule one above.

With that in mind, the two stories prominent in my narrow vision are the assassination of the terrorist Soleimani and the decision to split the Methodist Church.  

The Church situation has less ink and affects fewer people but also affects the Grahams directly.  The issue is driven by the homosexual community, whose life style is rejected by the Methodist Constitution, The Book of Disciple.  Attempts to amend the wording of the Book have failed primarily because conservative African and Korean parties to the denomination have dominated the voting.  Back room dealings have arbitrarily circumvented the outcome of the last vote.  The United Methodist Church will have a new Discipline inclusive of the homosexual life style.  Churches who continue to cling to traditional values will have to form a new denomination. The divorce will be amicable in that the Churches may retain their property and will be awarded cash to support the transition.  

Of course there is not likely to be unanimity among church members and so emotional rancor will ensue and some folks will leave the church regardless of whatever creed is established.  Methodist Churches are struggling to survive in any case.  Sadly, the split will only exacerbate the decline.   

The Virginia Grahams attend Sunday School and Church to continue to learn and appreciate the life and teachings of Christ and how we can best live to meet His standards to the satisfaction of God Almighty.  When the experience requires political choice then the mission is corrupted.  Spiritual satisfaction is not  uniquely attained via the Methodist Church.

It would seem at face value, the killing of a person because of their politics would violate the 6th Commandment of God.  Bragging about it would amplify the wrong.  But this sort of retribution has been going on since early in the Old Testament.  Personally, at the risk of losing my golden key to eternal life, I am delighted to see the abrupt departure of General Soleimani.  I fear the escalating cycle of anger and irrational behavior will ultimately mean the premature loss of many lives both innocent and complicit.  

Central to the conflict is the implicit vision of God's Will as seen from the Islamic perspective or that of the Judea-Christian community.  The Islamic vision has always arrogantly employed force as the mechanism to eliminate the competing doctrine.  Retribution in kind on behalf of our God is well documented.  Does God care about about the outcome…?  Historically, it would seem He does since Islamic attempts to subjugate have all ultimately been turned back.  But our history is brief and we have no way to know. 

 I am glad to be going where perhaps I will can find out.  Or maybe its all irrelevant… 

PS There are some excellent cartoons at PowerLine this morning:

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