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A thought

Mei Mei was bemoaning the democrat campaign to move the country to electric cars.  I frequently take the contrarian view just to aggravate but this time I explained that I was on the side of those who seek to move automobiles away from petroleum fuel. The issue is not whether or not we need to do it.  Of course we do.  The question is how to effect the transition.  The democrat approach is to squeeze the oil/gas/carbon industry out of business so the only alternative is battery stored electrons.  This of course disregards the salient factors.  Petroleum is the essence of every plastic; almost every product in mainstream life, so the citizen will never be on board and in fact will angrily rebel eventually.  The cost and utility of battery powered cars will never be acceptable; never mind the obtuse fact that power for the cells has be be generated and wind/solar will never be adequate.

Instead of punishing industry and the citizenry, the alternative to gas cars has to be made attractive.  Something like fuel cell power would be attractive and economical if the problem of accumulating hydrogen could be solved.  And it can be solved. There are already promising catalytic technologies that can free the hydrogen from water without enormous use of electricity.  But whatever the technology, it has to be driven by a market satisfying customers.  The government is incompetent at best and when it mandates impossible solutions… well… just think King George..

And if you think I advocate a move from gas cars because of “climate”, you shouldn’t be reading here.  God expects us to marshall our resources and they are limited, fracking not withstanding.

In the meantime stay away from bitcoin and vote every chance you get even if the machine transfers the vote to p*.

  © Robert Graham