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Yeah, I’m an addict. The monkeys on my back are not chemical.  Spy stories, video games, blog reading and golden retrievers thwart any thoughts of being a productive citizen.  Sad indeed.  As soon as I become old, it won’t matter but for now it is shameful.  My failings in this regard come to mind as I read of the all consuming rage of those for whom PDT is an anathema.  Their burning hate is also an addiction that carbonizes the productivity of their lives.  Sigh…

Pausing here to note that the auto-correction that occurs as I type is almost as egregious to me as PDT is to THEM.  At least half the time I spend on this collection of trivia, is in fixing those words Apple thinks needed changing to some other nonsense.  One day I’ll just leave it the way Apple wants it and see if anyone notices.

I predict with great apprehension that the democrats will indeed have their blue wave.  Fancy nancy will have her shot at speaker again.  It’s a puzzlement to me how anyone can vote for the democrats given all they have done and all they advocate to do, to divert this country from it’s root values and the success achieved, but that’s what is going to happen.  And as I said when they elected hussein, twice, we do it to ourselves… Pogo knew.

Oh guess what… The rain stopped.

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