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I am opinionated and biased and often cast judgment without access to or consideration of the left side of the argument. Age has tampered with my memory and my rationality.  But I am better in every category  than p*.

His press conference yesterday was the most pathetic rendition of leadership I have ever witnessed.  He and his persona are beyond contempt.  How he and his minions cannot understand that entire debacle is a result of his vacuous actions is beyond my capability to absorb. Sometimes, i question if my observations simply lack the understanding of wiser minds; but not in this case.  There is no wisdom associated with any of this.  The explainers from  baghdad jen to NBC news have blood on their hands. My most severe condemnation is of dr jill (p**) who better than anyone should understand the mental frailty of her husband.  For the good of the country if not just for her family  she should have dragged the poor man into the obscurity he deserved as his mediocre public career veered to an end. And God save us from the American Press.  But their duplicity is calculated and the blood never leaves their fingers.


Gen Milley, at a budget hearing in June said “Bagram is not necessary, tactically or operationally for what we are going to try to do here in Afghanistan”  Good God… This is our military leadership.

In other news I played in the first round of our annual seniors golf tournament.  I played very well with 16 pars in 18 holes.  Sadly the other two were triple bogies…


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