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I can’t speak for the democrats… actually I can’t speak to a democrat… but clearly their agenda is not governance.  The House majority will pass unsavory and anti-American legislation with a view towards making noise.  The senate will not consider the bills and PDT will taunt their incompetence.  So where does that leave us, the governed…?


Our outside Christmas decorations are going up this morning.  They will look fabulous and quite festive. Roscoe really likes the couple who do the work. It’s actually a company but the guy’s crew was all kids who, in the spirit of millennials everywhere, don’t like to work.  Now it is just him and his wife.  Damn that Trump economy.

Article in the V-P this morning saying alcohol sales are up 40% in Hampton Roads.  What do you expect…They elected a democrat to congress.  I personally have gone from a single bottle of scotch on hand to 3 or 4.  But then I only have one dog...

Lena came home yesterday from her adoptive family.  She was very happy to see Mei Mei.  She gave me a gratuitous wag and lick on the nose.  I think she knew I would be taking her in for surgery this morning.  Roscoe really perked up when she arrived.  Not sure if she still had the pheromones or he was just dog lonely.  Looks like we’ll getting another animal to keep him (and others) happy.  The Rescue group is not taking applications right now because there are few dogs coming in and lots of folks wanting to adopt.

You probably missed the incident at the border where PDT personally employed chemical warfare that seeked out pregnant women and children.  The monster.  He should be lynched…. whoops... can’t say that.  I meant I would attend a public hanging… Oh dear… can’t say that either.  Actually I could say those thing if I were a 😜… democrat.  But as a conservative I cannot even think it.  Well I don’t do much of that anyway so I guess it’s OK.

Since we had to get Lena to the clinic early this morning, we elected to eat breakfast out.  We stopped at the Village Inn near Town Center.  That place has been in the breakfast business for decades.  I had a spinach and bacon omelette; absolutely the best omelette I have ever had,  fluffy, tender, packed with cheese and goodies and topped with hollandaise.  My mouth is still watering.  Not sure that is relevant to anything at all but have no end piece today.  

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