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Alaska - Day 1

We got underway quite early.  Easy departure from ORF on the way to Chicago.  At Chicago we encountered a delay but not worried because Princess air guarantees we’ll make the cruise.  Layover was about 3 hours.  Got to Vancouver and made our way through the bureaucratic process to enter the nation of Canada who is a bit hostile since PDT offended the PM in every way possible.  An hour and a half bus ride to the terminal, no doubt delayed because of tariffs or something, where we quickly checked in now having reached Platinum status with  Princess.  They just love our money.  Then back through US security to board the ship.  Why this was necessary wasn’t clear but probably had something to do with PDT putting separated children into cages.

The ship was in the process of cleanup from some horrible Norvo thingy so we had to camp before we could get into our rooms.  I blame the russians but then who doesn’t…?  We stumbled across the kids and enjoyed an ice cream cone together.

The mandatory safety gathering was a little different.  No need for life jackets.  Still everyone had tp get the lecture and, well you know how it goes… I blame the democrats but then who doesn’t…?

We have early seating for dinner so we all met eat our table including Dave and Judy.  Good conversation.  The food is pretty much as it always has been: too much and too good.  I blame myself…

Tomorrow a day at sea… Makes for great naps…

aa© Robert Graham 2012