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Alaska - Day 2

Quiet day at sea.  Calm sea for which I am grateful.  We had breakfast in the exclusive Club restaurant. Same breakfast as anywhere else but due to our elite status we got to sit by ourselves. 

There was some panic when I realized a full 43 minutes had passed without food intake.  Easily corrected however.  Emergency food supplies are cached everywhere. I managed to get nourishment at lunch, tea, mid-afternoon snacks and dinner.  Could have hit the pizza or hamburger bars but I am currently at heart attack weight levels and couldn’t risk the extra load, despite near starvation.

The post dinner show was a British Invasion review, with Beatles et al.  I didn’t care for that noise back then and the production now at decibel levels well beyond pain, did not enhance my appreciation.  But that’s just me.  The crowd in the theater seemed happy enough.

Once my ears stopped bleeding we headed back to the room to prepare for tomorrow which is Ketchikan and the float plane ride over the Misty Isles. Very early start but we catch an extra hour tonight.

Internet is spotty.  Haven’t been able to upload yet.  Haven’t seen the news so will assume PDT is still running things.  Politics have been benign so far but clearly there are democrats all around us. Yikes

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