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Alaska - Day 3

Ketchikan.  Small town in SW Alaska.  Considered a rain forrest. Something like 120 inches of rain a year.  Big time salmon fishing if you are in to that sort of thing.  We did a float plane trip up into the mountains looking down on the Misty Fjords.  It’s a beautiful experience. The plane landed on a remote lake inaccessible by any other means and we got out to enjoy the quite of nature.  Actually we landed near a terns nest which was occupied with eggs.  Thus the quiet of nature was disturbed by a screaming tern who objected to our presence.  That and a loon were the only wildlife we saw.  The loon was also unhappy with us. But in the air the views were spectacular as was the absence of any civilization.  We did see the occasional other plane and a fishing boat or two but that was it.  Lot’s of forest and vertical cliffs.

We got back to the ship before 11:00;  departures at 2:30.  At 2:45 people were still coming up the brow so clearly the disciple on board is tempered by keep customers happy.  I suspect the late folks are democrats or Chinese.

The entertainment tonight was a comedian.  He was excellent.  Most of his material was ad lib although he did have a general theme.  He clearly enjoyed his own humor and the crowd was with him.  All clean humor by the way, not one off color reference.  Real humor.

Tomorrow we hit Juneau.  I hear it’s pretty much the same size as Ketchikan.  We have no plan so will probably wander aimlessly trying not to fall down.

Sof ar overall this cruise is not up to standards but I suspect it’s the standards that have slipped.  The food is average.  The buffets a little skimpy on choices.  The service is OK but only so…Maybe we are just jaded.  We did meet Steve and Kathleen in the exclusive Platinum/Suite lounge.  Free snacks but the drinks not so much.

We did have good cell coverage in Ketchikan which allowed me to use the phone as hot spot and upload the blog.  We also got some FOX news and wished we hadn’t. They did what…?  Mad Maxine said what…? sigh…

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