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Alaska - Day 4

Juneau.  Another small town event it is the capital of Alaska.  We walked about a mile into the shopping area which is extensive.  Mostly jewelry stores.  Near the small capital building was a museum covering the history of the city.  Gold mining of course was the main incentive.  Gold had been discovered and exhausted in Sitka, so prospectors were sent to explore this area.  Loose gold was found and later veins of quartz containing veins of gold.  Large scale mining  followed and lasted until the world wars took away the needed man… uh….person power needed.  

There seems to be a continuing movement to replace the capital city.  Juneau is inaccessible except by sea or air, which seems to be the prime argument for changing the capital.  †he locals say so what.  No one attends the government process except the legislators anyway.

The central attraction other than the jewelry stores is the glacier which is of course receding due to all of the AGW.  It’s been happening since 1917. Climate change yada yada…

We did get enough news to celebrate the right wing victories at SCOTUS.  The victories are tempered by the fact that 4 justices ignored the law and the Constitution in favor of their political bias.  Sad indeed.  More damage inflected by hussein.

The town thrives on cruise ships May-September.  Then it shuts down.  Climate is moderate by Alaskan standards.  Lots of rain, some snow but… moderate.  There are four cruise ships docked here now with others coming and going.  

Today was foggy with off and on rain.  Temps in low 50’s.  

We continue to eat as if starvation is only minutes away.  We did the Special Steak Restaurant tonight with the Mckees.  Excellent beef and service.  I waddled back to cabin close to overdose.  We skipped the show because it was alL MOTOWN.  Not really my style.

Tomorrow Skagway, the point of departure for the Yukon miners.  Several good houses of prostituion available for inspection.  YeHaw…

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