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Alaska - Day 5

Skagway.  Pretty quiet day.  The signature tour here is the cog railway up the trail traveled by the miners enroute the Yukon gold fields.  We have done it so skipped this time.  The weather was very cool, breezy, and chilly.  

The kids took the rail ride.  The old folks stayed in.  Skagway is nestled among some sheer cliffs and the phone signal was marginal.  Wifi pretty much zero.  

Our room is spacious - a mini-suite.  That means we have a small sitting space with a couch and a balcony.  Mei Mei did her iPad games and puzzles while I read, so as I said it was a quiet day.

The evening shows have all oriented around soul or motown music so we have not been attending.  Tonight we hit a bar with the kids and listed to a trio who played music we could enjoy.  Even danced to one number.

Maybe it’s the sea air but 9:00 seems to be bedtime.  And I have no trouble sleeping until 7.  

Tomorrow it’s Glacier Bay and hopefully more food.  Just can’t get enough food…. Says the roly-poly man who has to let his belt out again.  

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