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Alaska - Day 6

Glacier Bay.  Not a very exciting day.  Glacier bay is a long run up a channel carved by a glacier many years ago.  In the late 1700’s the ice extended almost to the Pacific.  100 years later the ice had withdrawn about 1/2 of the distance we can now navigate.  That glacier known as the Grand Pacific now marks the end of the channel right at the Canadian border.  Tarrifs imposed by PDT will prevent the ice from reemerging on the US side.  We lingered at the end of the channel observing the Margerie Glacier which extends to the water.  We got to observe the calving  process whereby large chunks fall from the glacier into the sea.  We also saw a huge piece surface from the water having sheared off below the water line.  It popped up high and then splashed back down.  Spectacular to watch.

As we egressed the bay we did get to see a whale spout, surface and dive.  Looked not unlike a submarine venting as it dives. While we were eating breakfast, a bear was sighted just out side the window were out table was located.  The entire dining room raced over to see.  The bear was small and distant.  Not half as interesting as the people scrambling over our breakfast table to catch a glimpse.

Otherwise the day was spent reading and lounging in our room, hoping to see something other than the mountains and water, which although beautiful, is rather repetitive at this point.

It was formal night.  I saw almost no one in a tux.  Formal nights are not what they used to be.  I needed significant effort to button my waist on trousers that have obviously shrunk over the years.  Somehow I suffered through the evening meal and the obligatory march of the waiters with baked Alaska.  I raced back to the stateroom to loosen the waist before it exploded.

The show this evening was the story of the dancers on various broadway shows.  Great dancing and good music.  The shows for the previous three nights were all motown or soul so this was a pleasant shift.

Tomorrow we do some flord viewing.  Much the same as today I expect, except we have to pack up for departure early Saturday morning as we head into the land portion.

No internet today.  The only news we got today was the shooting in Annapolis.  Haven’t heard the name of the shooter or the motive.  I did hear he used a fully automatic, high velocity, long gun, of the assault rifle variety and anticipate such weapons will be banned by the time we get the news tomorrow.  Unless of course the shooter turns out to be a bernie supporter.  All weapons are eligible to be employed in the quest for socialism.

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