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Alaska - Day 7

At sea again.  Headed for College Fjord at the end fo which is a very large Glacier.  Not to be trite but seen one Glacier…well you know.  To the layman they all look pretty much like the piles of snow in a parking lot two weeks after a major snow storm.  Dirty piles.  These piles happen to be 275 feet high and a mile and a half wide but dirty none the less. 

We saw 6 or 7 major glaciers as we traversed the path into the fjord.  The scenery is of course, spectacular.  There seems to be more snow than I recall from our last trip through here.  The streams from the melt often turn into falls.  Wildlife is well hidden.  We saw some otters and a whale yesterday but no bears or yeti’s.  I was really hoping for a Yeti sighting.

We disembark very early tomorrow morning and begin the land phase, ending at Denali.  There’s a train ride from Anchorage to the Denali region.  We’ll be stopping at various Princess lodges.  No doubt we’ll stumble through some gold fields and have encounters with bears, penguins and cobras.  I might have some geography issues here, but it doesn’t really matter since i specialize in fake news.

We didn’t watch much news today and the internet was very spotty.  I have nothing to rant about except maybe the steak I had for dinner was a bit on the rare side when I ordered medium rare.


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