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Alaska - Last day

Departed Denali on bus heading to Fairbanks.  2 1/2 hour trip with 30 minute rest stop at a cultural center.  Major product was very large cinnamon buns.  Skipped those for oversized oatmeal raisin cookie.  Regretted it immediately but ate the whole thing. 

The bus dropped us at a riverboat for a cruise down or up a river with a name from an indigenous native language.  It was a nice cruise, keeping in mind that river cruises rank fairly low on my list of yummy things to do.  They did serve free home made blueberry donuts which were good enough to raise my enjoyment level to tolerable.  We stopped and watched some sled dogs exercise which Mei Mei enjoyed enormously.  Further on down the river we pulled in to a typical native village to receive briefings on just how those industrious folks sustained life in the -40 temps and snow.  Very interesting. On the way back were offered some sort of salmon thing which I skipped.  Those whose vey souls are not poisoned by seafood, seemed to enjoy the salmon.

We fly back late tomorrow night.  We’ll spend the day in a rental car exploring Fairbanks.  The weather today was fabulous.  High 60’s and sunny.  Be glad to get home.  Enough this vacation stuff.  I need a nap.

aa© Robert Graham 2012