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Almost Valentines Day...

Just saying

This morning there were just a couple of references to the Virginia democrat mud puddle.  It is drying up rapidly.  By Friday I reckon the dustbin of old news will have claimed the story and we will hear of it no more.  Any references by conservatives to the hypocrisy will be considered racist, born of white privilege and quickly disregarded.

There are lessons to carry away from all of this.  I can can see where it would be a great mistake for me to ever consider running for public office.  I checked my yearbook entry and discovered the shame that would tar my life and political ambitions forever.  I hesitate to confess even at this late date but as I approach getting old I suppose everyone should know the truth… Sigh...

I said I wanted to be a flyer…

There. The truth has set me free.  Me and Bezos got our dirty laundry out in front before the interpreters could manipulate and throw it all in our faces.

The great bellowing from the left about climate change begs the question… What exactly were the environmental policies in effect at the time in history when the ice age began to melt….?  How did mankind cause the ice to go away and the greening start…?  Couldn’t we learn something from our ancestors…?  I would imagine the policies went under some heading of a New Green Plan or something… No one plays attention to history anymore.  I suppose we could also examine what was done wrong that caused the ice to form in the first place but the answer is clearly PDT so no need.

IMG 1849

There it is.  The lone daffodil daring forth on February 12th.  

I have had little to say about the plethora of candidates for president among the democrats.  I’ll let the articulate Mr. Ramirez speak for me:


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