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alright alright alright...

It Saturday… Pretty sure yesterday was Monday but then I am almost old and completely confused.  

Cartoon day of course.  Not all that good. There were a couple of off-the-wall picts that stimulated the bizarre in me:

Come on. That’s funny.

And this one was OK:

IMG 1505

We had dinner with the ’61 group last night.  It was at a fish restaurant so I was apprehensive.  But they had an excellent steak.  The conversation, as always, was non-stop.  From my perspective, the Hampton Roads men and women of Navy  ’61 know right from wrong.

The climate is sunny but very cool this morning.  And by cool, I mean cold.

Democrats bad; liberals stupid. Sorry. It just needs to be said.

That’s it I guess.  Oh… Apparently I am not going to be indicted by the SpecProc.   Phew… Dodged that bullet.  Now where did I hide Putin’s phone number…


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