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Descriptive of the way some stories fade from the news overnight… The NY subway terrorist, the man who drove his car though a crowd, the attempted assassination of republicans at a softball game… All involved either terrorist black men or radicals attempting to kill republicans.  Not an agenda item for the news interpreters of America. The other category of news avoided by the “press” is anything that might reflect badly on the democrat elite… hunter biden laptop yada, yada… 

I point this out because in conversation with Joe at dinner yesterday, he raised a troubling question: How is it that good friends, well educated, respected and successful, support the democrat agenda and the biden presidency in particular…? What is it the they see as good that we conservatives are blind to…?  We didn’t come to a conclusion.  In general, those people consider the alternative media as the antidote to the radically biased FOX news, begging the question: have they ever watched…?  Often the argument presented for the liberal perspective is simply TRUMP, rather than a defense of principles. Questions on issues such as the Afghanistan evacuation, the open border, the biden family corruption, the economy, the impossible energy policy, the war on climate change, the ridiculous Russian collusion fabrication and even the obvious cognitive decline of the man entrusted to lead the nation are waved away or talked past.  

The attempt to pin down the type of person who falls into the liberal category lacks definition.  Vaguely, one associates elite, well heeled, self sufficient personalities who may be anti-christian.  Too many exceptions to make a rule.


Do you think p* has 81 million supporters at this point…  38%…?

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