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And the count goes on...

Florida and Georgia… Arizona is gone.  Rush says there are too many votes for even the democrats to fabricate.  I don’t share his optimism.  Granted recounts seldom change the outcome … but when they do it’s always in favor of the democrat.  Look it up.


We took Lena to the vet yesterday.  It’s agreed she had some sort of surgery but her uterus is intact.  The suspicion is that consistent with European techniques, the ovaries were removed.  In all probability some tissue was left behind and those hormones are what triggered the heat.  There is no danger of her getting pregnant but her health is at risk.  We will meet with an experienced surgeon to determine the next step. Lena was our first foster in quite some time whose health was not an issue… until now.  I explained the whole thing to her in detail.   She wagged her tail, licked my nose an said can we play some ball now…?

Let’s take a look at how important it is that Government control your life.  In Pakistan, where Sharia law implicit in Islam is fundamental in governance.  A christian woman, accused of blasphemy, was convicted and sentenced to death. The Supreme Court overturned the conviction, a rightful and proper legal and humanitarian action.  But the Sharia advocates, those being the general population have created such a furor that the “Government” is encouraging an appeal to the decision.  In the meantime the woman whose life is clearly in danger is under guard so that she is unable to flee the country until somehow the votes can be recounted in such a way that she is executed.  If anyone is eligible for the intervention of God, it is this poor woman.  Please pray for her.

The State of MD is suing with the objective of having the court appoint the acting Attorney General. I kid you not.  I gasp for breath…

This from Mike:

Kavanaugh comes clean about his high school and college years. . . 

"I spent the last two years of high school in a daze, locking away the questions that life seemed insistent on imposing. I kept playing basketball, attended classes sparingly, drank beer heavily, and tried drugs enthusiastically. I discovered that it didn't make any difference if you smoked reefer in the white class mates sparkling new van, or in the dorm room with some brother you'd met down at the gym, or on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids who had dropped out of school and now spent most of their time looking for an excuse to brawl.”

Just kidding. . . That's from Obama's book describing HIS high school and college days. 

Feel free to discuss this among yourselves…  I’ll be in the bathroom..

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