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And yet...

The world moves on.  The Chauvin injustice…?  Old news.  The attempted assassination of republicans…?  Old news.  That the KKK and suppression of civil rights for Blacks were the work of democrats….  Old news…  That’s how it works.  American, the land of Free and the Brave… Old news…

So, I should stick to golf.  I played very well on Wednesday, marking my second sub-80 round in three weeks.  Which begs the question… Will there be golf in Heaven….? If there are no three putts because of the language those event invoke, will every thing be a one putt?  Will bunkers also be absent… Since all drives will be in the fairway, will there be rough…?  So... no golf in Heaven because golf is defined by frustration and just very occasional joy.

Reminds me of a great Gatlin Brothers song, "Midnight Choir” sung by the boys passing the bottle around on the corner of 4th street and Broadway:

"Will they have Mogen David in Heaven? Dear Lord, we'd all like to know Will they have Mogen David in Heaven, sweet Jesus? If they don't, who the hell wants to go?

We all know good people, Christians and Jews alike, who vote democrat.  How does that work…? It’s a societal oxymoron.  

  © Robert Graham