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57 years...  Time does fly.  Frankly, I never thought I’d live to see the year 2000.  But here we are… I guess Scott is the hardest hit, given that his conception was 57 years ago tonight somewhere within the Shoreham Hotel in Washington.  We left the wedding reception at the Alumni House in late afternoon in a driving rainstorm so intense, I had to pull off the road to wait it out.  Somehow without GPS we made our way to the hotel.  When we got to the room, we found twin beds.  When I called the desk to complain, the clerk laughed out loud.  While we waited for the room change we went to the cocktail lounge and Mary Margaret had her first and probably last frozen daiquiri cocktail.  The next morning, the three of us got up early to get back to Annapolis for the wedding of Gene and Elaine. 57 years…


OK health report: Coughing from inflamed bronchial tubes seems to be much better.  Still experiencing the cough from the dreaded post nasal drip - more like a post nasal cascade.  Not sure why but allergies, dog dander and lack of sufficient fermented malt by-products in the diet are prime suspects. Frequent saline flushes are helping but the residual salt is affecting my taste buds.  

I used to hold fast to the maxim that there are always two sides to every controversy.  Sometimes one has to look really hard to see the counter argument but it was always there.  I am having trouble keeping the faith.  Overlooking the nonsense coming from the FBI and the defenders that defies any counter logic, let’s just consider the cause of socialism whose other side seem to be so appealing to many without life experience.  This article describes the state of Nicaragua’s attempt to exploit the positive side of socialism.  Ortega, the perennial strong man, declared capitalism and democracy defunct and void.  Socialism is the path.  Where has it taken the people…?  As in every historical example available for review, the imposition of the dictator whose goal is simply  to be in power so he can take from the people all that they have so he can stay in power to take...   Death squads, brutality, criminal enforcement of dictatorial decrees…   To our disgrace, God has allowed us to record the story over and over again without learning.  No other side folks.  If you don’t understand how and where it goes, you will simply have to experience the pain.

I am teaching Pentacost to the class on Sunday… My plan is to be speaking in tongues shortly after I start.  They will fire me and I will be free...

Dave sent me a picture of the trip I missed

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