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First of all we are now great grandparents.  Steven and Jessica produced Felix Shen Fuqua Saturday.  6 lbs 6oz


Also in the news is an excellent report from Scott.  A thorough Walter Reed examination has concluded that his colon liver issues were mis-diagnosed and he has been treating the wrong thing for years.  Apparently had be been diagnosed properly, he would overcome the disease.  Thankfully with proper medication he can still get back on track.  He’ll know on Wednesday whether or not the nodules on his neck are malignant.

Last entry, I pondered just how the injection of Government makes any thing better. After the collapse of the Towers on 9/11, a massive civilian boat rally evacuated over 500,000 new yorkers from Manhattan. People just pitched in and did it.  There was no pay or glory, just people helping people.  Here is a paragraph from a blog by Jim Glassman:

In fact, one barely-reported story from September 11 illustrates this better than any other - the improvised navy that evacuated roughly a million people by boat from Lower Manhattan, in an operation that some have called an American Dunkirk. Ferries, commercial boats, and pleasure craft spontaneously assembled to carry people away from the scene of the attack, and to return with needed supplies: 

People at Ground Zero, the Manhattan Waterfront, nearby New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn waterfronts, and crews on the numerous vessels repeatedly used the phrases "just amazing," "everyone cooperated, and "just doing what it took" to describe maritime community responses. Individuals stepped up and took charge of specific functions, and captains and crews from other companies took their direction. . . . Private maritime operators kept their vessels onsite and available until Friday, Day Four, when federal authorities took over.

Please note the last sentence…

OK… Got to do the golf pairings for Wednesday… Brings to mind

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