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Another benign Thursday

rolls in.  The climate has been …well…hot.  I played golf in 95 degrees yesterday.  But I played well so I didn’t feel the heat.  My second straight sub 80 round.  Most of our group works increase their handicaps this time of year given the proximity of the annual tournament.  I, applying my usual keen logic, work to lower mine.

John McCain was quite hard on PDT for his arbitrary and vindictive persona.  As we know PDT was expressly forbidden to attend the funeral and now we hear Sarah Palin is likewise excluded.  C.S. Lewis, according to my understanding, would consider that behavior a bit un-Christian.  (I am, of course, an expert now, having read almost the entirety of one of his books)

Jack Nicklaus, perhaps the greatest of the modern golfers, has come out in support of Tiger, perhaps the greatest of the modern golfers.  In case your news is interpreted for you, Tiger when pressed to criticize the current President, said only that one must respect the Office Of the President, regardless of one’s opinion of the occupant.  That statement caused  gallons of froth as heads  exploded on outraged liberals who brook no Trump tolerance, especially from “people of color”. Now Jack, who agreed with Tiger, will be pilloried and have his statues torn down.

Then there is CNN…  What can I say that hasn’t been said in much more articulate manner…? Not much I guess, but come on… when your source states unequivocally that he lied (link) and yet you continue to stand by the story, doesn’t the word credibility creep into the discussion…?


There is a body of opinion that holds that should PDT declassify all of the relevant documents containing redacted information, the conspiracy to take the presidency from him by all the hilliary loving bad actors from the DOJ, FBI and hussein people would be clear to the world.  So why doesn’t he do it…?  Here is one man’s take (link).  To accept the premise one has to accord to PDT a cleverness and and scheming intelligence that many are reluctant to grant.  Still in all the man became President when most would have bet the farm, their souls and their favorite video game that it would never happen.

You may recall that our grandson’s dog Hannah, came to live with us for a period because of some domestic incompatibility.  We transferred Hannah to Granson’s parents earlier this year in hopes of resolving issues on a neutral court.  Efforts failed and Hannah’s fate was in limbo.  I am pleased to report that Hannah has found a loving forever family.  That is a very pleasing outcome.

Speaking of video games..

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