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Another day

and still no PS5.  How long must I endure this pain…?  Will no one rid me of this curse…?

As I observe the the day, I see more affidavits, sworn testimony and PDT himself proclaiming in a 45 minute video that fraud stole the election.  I see burgeoning civid infection numbers.  I see a continuous stream of democrat state and city leaders who carelessly dismiss their own mandates and do exactly what they demand their public not do. I see vaccination against the wuhan in our future.  Maybe even before the call to the Pearly Gates...  I see 32 degree mornings with frost.  And so it goes…

DirecTV is in dispute with someone and as a result we can’t get the local ABC channel.  Small loss indeed except ABC carries Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and that viewing is mandatory.  The last time this sort of incident occurred it involved the loss of Days of Our Lives… shudder...  The wrath of Mei Mei brought forth by this malpractice is visceral.  Although she resists change with a fury, she has reluctantly begun to see the advantage of ditching DirecTV in favor of HULU.  And so I am gleefully trying to make that happen. The family room TV that is served by Apple TV is no issue.  Apple TV includes the HULU app with the Live TV option.  Some interface accommodations to be made by those resistant to change, but it works.  The next technical issue to overcome is how to get the same service on the bedroom TV.  No immediate solution at hand but I am working on it. BTW HULU costs less than half of the DirecTV service with almost every channel we watch.

The girls are making very slow progress.  One, Ruby, is reasonable social, albeit extremely hand and loud voice shy.  Ladybug, her sister, is still absolutely panicked by the human presence.  She will only take food from Mei Mei and then strictly in isolation behind the couch with the other dogs outside.  We know they will eventually  come around because we have fostered these fearful, abused sort of dogs before.  Time and patience…

joey, the presumptive Pres-elect, continues to have difficulty with any sort of public discourse.  Yesterday he warned of a potential loss of 250,000 lives between now and th first of the year… Yikes…. He also managed to break his foot while “playing with the dog”  Is the Secret Service incapable of protecting their man from canine villains…?  Or was it perhaps something slightly more sinister…?


The 25th amendment may not be needed after all…

  © Robert Graham