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Another week

that we won’t get back.  I thought by now the theft of time would be solved and the perps revealed.  But I guess justice is slow and sometimes the story isn’t exactly what the interpreters would have you believe.


Do you suppose “Spartacus” booker is reassessing his initial declaration that the Smollett case was a modern day lynching…?  We’ll never know because it’s all old news now.

I have many things on my list to accomplish.  I have little to no interest in doing any of them.  There is something about being almost old and procrastination… One would think there would be a sense of urgency since that tomorrow when it will get done has a higher and higher probability of not occurring.  But on the other hand those matters associated with urgency seem to be on a diminishing list.

I thought this brilliant article would come from dear Kimberly, but one can’t really do better than VDH for clarity and essence.  Read here the "Autopsy of a Dead Coup .  It’s a tragedy whose ending has still not played out.  My guess is when joe "the fondler” biden says "America is an embarrassment”, he surely is referring to all that Hanson describes.  And actually biden is an embarrassment but that’s old news…

I guess I am in a thoughtful mood on this dreary February morning.  Consider the inference here:

And this one: 


It’s a pretty good representation of economics as presented by the ruling class.

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