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Another week

April is no stranger to missing weeks.  How did it get to be the 16th…?  I did get my pound of flesh filed with the IRS.  I know it’s a good thing to owe them money but … Yeah, it hurts.


Let’s see if I have this now… big jimmy, who by his account, lives a life completely focused on his integrity and whose principles are as pure white as Tide Pods can make them, leaked classified material for no other reason  than retribution for the insult of being fired.  Integrity; principles… He allowed the politics of hussein's DOJ to derail the FBI looking in to the obvious bribery intake of the clinton foundation.  Integrity; principles… He allowed the same DOJ to override justice in the matter of the law violations commited by bb hil in her email debacle. Integrity; principles…  Then when he found his value system incompatible with PDT he scribbled down hate notes in private rather that exercising his integrity and principles and resigning…  Yeah… He’s certainly my hero.

Based on reports and pictures of the damage, I’d say the US version of no misses from the missiles is the more acceptable story.  It seems big bad vlad came up a bit short in his threat, red line if you will, to retaliate.  There was even some suggestion he might torpedo any warship launching missiles.  So in instance one, the US wins the battle.  Of course vlad is no hussein and his anger will not be mollified. In the longer view he will extract his revenge.  Winning is what PDT likes to trumpet but I very much fear that which is to come when the mad Russian catches his breath.

I managed to get the Man from Galilee across the stormy sea yesterday.  Not a difficult lesson but the prep is always stressful.  Not so sure how pleased the Good Lord was with my presentation.  He inflicted heavy rains and strong winds upon us last night.  The wind was strong enough to blow over the deck heater the the kids gave me.  The central glass tube shattered placing the whole assembly OOC.  Bummer.

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