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day of of muddled logic…  Apparently joey, the sniffer, biden was for the Hyde Amendment before he was  against it.  Evidently he plagiarized his earlier opinion but when called on it he apologized and made it right.   Of course everyone knows how the evil Hyde Amendment prevents a woman from her right to choose… Uh… well I guess not everyone knows.  I don’t.  Maybe someone could explain why the government not wanting to pay for murder has something to do with a woman’s rights… 

I was very busy yesterday, doing something.  Can’t remember what it was but it prevented me from commenting on D-Day.  My words wouldn’t have been meaningful anyway.  I will say PDT has had a terrific overseas trip and his visit to Normandy and his speech were Presidential in every respect.  I loved that Melania high-fived a 95 year old vet.

A couple of relevant cartoons:


Roscoe is in the clinic for removal of the growth on his eye.  He was very reluctant to go.  

Tomorrow is year 58 for the Graham-Everett union.  We will celebrate raucously in some fashion.  Probably party with the dogs well into the evening…Maybe as late as 9...

Just got a emergency call to take another foster.  This one is from China… Good news is she is unlikely to be Islamic.  Bad news is she is suffering from severe diarrhea.  I’m thinking it is only a reaction to tariffs and maybe an overdose of chinese dumplings…


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