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Anther weekend gone

I couldn’t muster up a healthy rant on Saturday.  Some days are like that.  Saturday night we attended the annual fund raiser for the youth mission trips.  The kids put on a show and served dinner.  Nicely done and not one kid mentioned gun control; or chewed a Tide Pod for that matter.   While I celebrate the bright articulate thoughts of the kids who gathered with PDT to talk, I do grow tired of the one kid who claims to have hung up on PDT and clamors for his 15 minutes by spouting the usual liberal banalities.  The democrats are happy to exploit his immaturity for their whacked out goals of banning guns.  Blech…


On Sunday Mei Mei and I took Communion to a church member who is shut in.  Very satisfying.  The Stephen Ministers have accepted that charge as part of our service in support of the Pastors.  

Then we came home and I spent the rest of the day cursing the TV set which shuts off and then restarts itself about every three minutes.  Frustrating does not begin to describe it. I have spent several hours with tech support and even replaced a major component without success; and naturally every time I call I have to go though the whole story and then do the basic trouble shooting like unplug the TV for 30 seconds and the other things on the script.  All the tech support people have Indian accents but American names.  A technician is coming on Thursday.  I guess it takes that long to get here from India.

  I was trying to watch the Ladies PGA tournament in Singapore.  Scott took Kayla to watch and I was hoping to get a glimpse of them.  No doubt they were in focus just as the set decided to restart.  In any case, Scott and Kayla had a great time.  Kayla got to have pictures with Michele Wie and Lidia Ko and told Lydia she was her favorite golfer.  Scott wrote:

"Any way....good story. We were on the 8th hole (par 5) watching Lydia Ko. She had a decent drive, then we skipped ahead to watch if she would go for the green in two. She did, hitting the right side of the green. We then watched her make her LOOOONG putt for Eagle which she SANK!! It was awesome!! Then, while the crowd watched the other two girls putt, we got a front seat at the ninth tee....Lydia Ko came to the t-box, and stood RIGHT NEXT TO US!! I said, "great Eagle, Lydia"!! She thanked me, and then saw Kayla. She recognized her from the day before, reached into the front pocket of her bag, and grabbed the ball that she just used to sink her eagle putt, and handed it to Kayla, and gave her a big smile. So cool!! I thought Kayla was going to burst into tears she was so thrilled...I almost did. My respect for Lydia Ko went up 1000 percent. What a great ambassador for the game!! 

Apparently a newly released movie, Red Sparrow, is getting poor reviews.  Too bad.  I recently read the book on which it is based.  The book was good enough that I recommended it to both Kathleen and Judy, which is a daring proposition.  I didn’t realize the movie was abut to come out.  Jennifer Lawrence… Lots of nudity apparently… Just sayin’…

We are getting awfully attached to this little Golden Girl who is staying with us.  I think you can see why:

IMG 1446

OK.  I know you have been wanting one more bizarre cartoon than only I find to be funny.  So here it is:


Still cracks me up.

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