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April Fools Day

Not sure exactly what makes this day special.  With the news interpreters of America and the democrat machine, we are being made fools every day in every way.  adam schiff… April Fool.  AOC…April Fool… Goggle, FaceBook, Verizon… April Fool.  Justice in Chicago… April Fool.

We went to see the movie “Unplanned” with Joe and Bonnie on Saturday.  Whew.  Powerful indictment of planned parenthood and all who support the capitalistic harvesting of baby parts. Wouldn’t it be fun to force the ralph northams of the world to watch and learn…? Naturally the MPAA rated theme “R” for no reason than to limit attendance.  Also noteworthy is that Twitter blocked mention of the movie for 24 hours after the release… What is that famous line…?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE  TRUTH…

34 degrees at reveille this morning.  After a weekend in the 70’s that was indeed April Fool.

This is my day for happy stories.  Read here about a family whose child was taken to the doctor because of a high fever.  The doctor told them to take the child to the emergency clinic.  But the kid’s temp dropped to normal and so they decided not to go to the emergency room.  The city sent a swat team in the middle of the night to seize the children and arrest the parents…  Still not settled.  

Slowly, slowly the facts, well known to all of us who follow the FBI/DOJ corruption under hussein, are oozing out to the general public.  No one will ever pay an appropriate price but the only reason we know what we do is that the  gun loving, bible thumping boneheads of middle America were stupid enough to elect PDT.

It appears the wild left is now gunning for old joe biden and his handsy approach to the ladies.  So one wonders, as the accusers of Lt Gov. fairfax here in the Commonwealth slip back into the news, how will the lefties handle the up and coming mr. fairfax…?  Old joe…? Eh.. he’ll do fine...



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