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If you think about it… The dems could beat PDT in a heartbeat.  All they need is an articulate candidate who doesn’t advocate the insanity spewed forth by those the interpreters love.  Actually I’ll back off the articulate requirement.  They could nominate the lone Cypress off Big Sur and win in a landslide.  No one likes Trump.  A lot of people like the effect he has had but would abandon his tiresome tantrums were there any sort of alternative.  But fortunately for those of us never-dems, the vapid, imbecilic rage of the interpreters, the congress-idiots and the candidates seemed designed to keep them out of office.

The constant cry for impeachment on any pretext is so transparent even the dead voters are turned off. It was collusion; it was obstruction; it was cash in his back pocket; it was Ukraine; tomorrow it will be he cheats at golf… Even Roscoe is turned off.

Trump had a rally in Texas yesterday that drew 50,000+ brown, black, muslim, hindu, hispanic, Indian and other assorted Texans chanting their approval… Yet the interpreters scream he is a racist.

In other news, one of our Sunday School members passed away.  We attended a viewing yesterday.  The meaning of viewing a deceased body escapes me.  I am told it is a holdover from centuries past where it was important to visually identify the remains to be sure the correct body was being buried.  In any case I find it to be rather macabre and when my soul and body split up, please … no viewing.

The WSJ this morning has a couple of articles about how difficult it is to swing the Euros into an anti-Iran campaign.  There is no logic in that.  Iran is a threat to everyone’s existence.  They sponsor terror; they seek Islamic domination by any means including nuclear; they have just attacked the world’s oil supply in an act of war.  What is the counter argument…?  Climate change…?  Islamophobia…?  Black face…?  I obviously don’t get it. It’s as if Europe is composed of democrats...


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