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I am waiting for my video visit with my doctor.  As usual she is late but at least I can wait in the comfort of home.  It’s the Tuesday after Christmas.  The joy, having worn thin at this point, is in danger of disappearing.  The Christmas lights are flickering; the batteries are dying.  The outside lights don’t come on if it rains… Ruby, our foster, thinks the Santa is a chew toy… The specter of a democrat administration looms darkly ahead… The covid bugs are tapping on the widows trying to get in from the December cold.

But the events of the approaching New Year will swing the curve upwards.  The annual puzzle has been opened and assembly has started.  


Joe and Bonnie will join us on the eve to observe the skit and the traditional sip of champagne.  No formal dress this year and a modest dinner is planned. The zoom sessions will bring the McLanes (and our Chinese peepers) into traditional festive closeness.  The movie has not been selected and the question of how to do the photograph of record remains…

My doctor gave me 3 months to get my blood sugar under control.  I passed my annual wellness exam by answering all questions in a somewhat sardonic manner that cracked up the nurse.  I did not get the usual three words to remember and say back later.  Last year they were ball, penny, house.  I guess she figured if I could remember last year’s words I probably could handle this one. Covid wasn’t discussed.

I ask quite seriously why we have a Congress…?  Other than a place for people to make themselves wealthy, the purpose escapes me…  The assertion that they are “essential” and thus should jump the Covid shot line surely must be a joke.

Any questions…?

  © Robert Graham