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Not really. Just a busy week.  Routine medical checks on Tuesday and golf yesterday.  Trying to get a Sunday School lesson together is also a time eater.  

So what’s going on with the SAMSUNG…?  Well, nothing really.  Last Friday during my daily pass around among the third world staff of the product support experts, I was connected to Larry.  Larry seemed to understand my frustration better than most and after some extensive time on hold assured me I was approved for an in home exchange of  a working TV for the not-so-much currently in situ.  He even gave me his email address so that I might contact him instead of the usual run-around gang.  The time frame was 1 -14 days. It’s now been 6; and BTW well over two months since these fun and games began.

It all probably doesn’t matter as it seems a nuclear exchange with Russia is imminent.  Even if not that, the anti-constitutional grab of client privileged material from the lawyer of PDT may lead to the firing of of harasser-in-chief, SpecProc Mueller.  Should that happen the world as we know it will end with the second coming of  fancy nancy and cringe worthy chuckie.  Too late though.  I’m already going.

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This is more dead horse thrashing but if your memory is like mine at all , you will need reminding of the way the clinton team was handled during an FBI investigation where there was clear evidence of criminal malfeasance.  And then compare that to how PDT is being investigated in a case where evidence is purely imaginary.  And so I refer you here for concise listing and analysis.  It’s good to be a friend of the court.  Dilly Dilly…

We may get a brief stab at Spring over the next couple of days.  The climate has been quite cold over the last week.  Something to do with PDT back out of the Paris thingy I am sure.  Damn that man and the tweet he came in with.

We have several candidates to interview for Halley’s forever home.  Sad indeed, except we know one of the well.  They adopted two pitiful little girls from us a couple of years ago.  They are a great couple and would, if selected, be a home who would care for Halley in a way even we could not.


Listening to the inept questioning of the FaceBook weasel heightens my understanding of why republican controlled congress isn’t.  What a moronic attempt.  The conservatives just gave him a pass and the democrats lauded him.  Of course they did.  He is a liberal's liberal who would and did gladly use his data to benefit the cause and stomp down and trample any threads of right thinking. 

But then who created this monster…?


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