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Yeah.  A little under the weather.  That happens to people who are approaching old age.  Infections in that area are not fun.  Damn NRA...

I suppose cultural appropriation jokes about St. Paddies day would be silly.  I specialize in silly.  Is Beto O’Rourke Irish…? Is AOC…?  Still it is the birthday of Megan Kathleen O’Fuqua...

Can’t joke about New Zealand… If it had been a Muslim shooting up a Synagog, the outrage from the liberal elite would have been muted.  AOC would have still blamed the NRA of course…

Cartoons?  Eh… Slow day unless you're really into the college admission scam.  Sorry. I’m not outraged.  I am pleased someone is being condemned for the bribery but the corruption will be unchanged.  These are the anti-Christian elite who vote democrat and scream about inequality and climate change.  They will be rehabilitated by the interpreters and probably run for office.

Here are the vaguely amusing ones:

IMG 1480

IMG 9586


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