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Baby it’s cold outside

Yeah, I know the song glorifies rape and diminishes the value of women (to assume a gender), but I am talking climate here.  The frost is as thick as snow this morning. OK, weather report leads again because the caffeine hasn’t yet agitated those synapse whose messages control the whining.


Isn't it interesting when a Judge rules against democrat interests as in the BoCare ruling, suddenly the echoing screams of judicial activism and we must do something about these out of control judges are heard throughout the world.  Yet the same interpreters agree that it’s fine when a Judge says a president cannot issue an order overturning the illegal order of a prior president.  You see, this is why I was never destined for greatness.  Comprehension of the esoteric escapes me.

Conservative hopes were dashed when Judge Sullivan ranted harshly at Michael Flynn, accusing him of traitorous behavior.  The judge walked that back a bit when someone apparently explained the facts him.  Calling Flynn a traitor certainly offended me.  His service to the Nation is well documented.  We all were hoping for that rant to be directed at the SpecProc, but alas, not this time.

I see where the young lady socialist from the Bronx, decided to take a break and give herself some me-time. Makes sense.  After all she is just around that millennial age where work is only required of other people. Someone has to support that lifestyle and can’t be them.  And to think she hasn’t even been sworn in yet… Whew.

I’ll leave you with this cartoon:


I know it’s anti-Google somehow but I don’t really get it.  More caffeine please…

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