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Back on track

After a lot of sleep and foot resting, the routine has resumed.  I saw a doctor this morning for my recurring cough and chest pains.  After a XRAY and exam, she concluded I am good for another month or so.  I also got a flu shot.  Bottom line:  I have no excuse for not preparing and administering my Sunday School lesson… doggonit anyway…. 

Among the other things we missed over the last week was the complete legalization of baby murder in New York. The cartoons say it best.

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OK that’s just New York… But how about california the home of kamela…? 

kamela…?  Her announcement drew more people than hussein when he announced.  Be afraid… 


Fortunately we have the inner wisdom and veracity of the Great American Voter to protect us from a disaster of a harris presidency… Right…?



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