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Back to the rant.

OK, as the age needle continues its wobble towards old, I recognize my memory may not be all it should be.  What I do recall is I once attended a party.  At first thought, it was just a mild mannered group of folks sitting around discussing cabbages and kings. But then THEY began to work with me.  Soon enough I began to recall some details obviously blocked out by the enormity of the offensive.  Clearly I had forgotten what was important in life.  Hate is important. Nothing else matters.  So as my memory was pushed to purification, I recalled it all: her, and her truly malignant sexual malfeasance.  Dianne, I screamed, put those things back in their place. But it was not to be.  The horror remained suppressed for decades untilI realized that SHE could go on abusing her power willy, nilly unless I shouldered the responsibility and let my hate pour forth.  And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, unless the book offers are insufficient…


I see where Yale University has given students time off to protest Kavanaugh. Ah yes… Yale.  Their track record on accusing folks of sexual abuse is spotless of course… Hockey pucks indeed.  

Did you see the story of the mass murder in Marland over the weekend…? A “woman" shot three people and herself at a Rite Aid distribution center.  Did you miss that…? How could that be… I mean it was a shooting… Where are the gun control demons…? Where is the condemnation of the NRA…?  Oh wait… Maryland has some of the most severe gun restriction in the nation.  The shooter was a black female… well sort of… used to be a man.  ooooh… transgender… better not open that LBTQXYZABC box...

Now on to the Rosenstein kerfluffel… I cannot improve on Andrew McCarthy who writes here (link) of Mr. Rosensteins’s resistance.  I confess that I’ve never been a fan of the rod man.  He strikes me as willing to please anyone but especially those in power.  His testimony before congress made me want to wash my hands just for handling the remote. When all else fails, use a personal attack has always been my creed, so I will refer to his mousy, timid look that hardly inspires loyalty.  I hope he gets fired, not for the NYT slander, but for his obstruction in avoiding oversight - especially when that oversight would reveal the horror that is the DOJ.

Once the accusation has been made, the badge of guilt is immediate.  There is no recovery.  The Constitutional assumption of innocence is a terrible, horrible joke. They know that and are using it shamelessly and without conscience.  The natural exclusion to the rule is when the accused is a democrat.  Do I need to make the list…? kennedy, edwards, clinton, ellison…  feel free to add.

May I ask... if republicans cannot use the democrat deliberate, arrogant and aberrant obsessions against decency, truth and justice to win elections, what does that say about what has become of the American people…?

Sorry about the above.  Disregard my wrathful blather… I have to lose about 600 pounds gained over the weekend of wild debauchery and eating frenzy thus I am carb deprived and very unstable…

aa© Robert Graham 2012