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Well, after playing 18 holes of golf in 90 degree temps, and playing quite well I might add, I have to say the worst of this June disease seems behind me.  Good news since we leave for the Alaska Cruise on Saturday.  

The hypocrisy is almost amusing. Never mind GWB and hussein were the offenders in this child separation nonsense.  Today’s Virginian-Pilot headlines says: Trump forced to reverse HIS child separation policy… 

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Of course you missed the fact that CBS ran a banner that said Mantafort plead guilty to man slaughter…  Yeah… You CNN  and PBS watchers missed that tidbit.  I suppose there were other times in history when the news interpreters were blinded by hate and just made things up but this tie are special aren’t they…?

I noted in Sunday School that the prophecies of Isiah took place about 750 years before they came true in Jesus.  I said that would be the equivalent of someone in the early 1300s predicting Trump.  I didn’t mean to make an equivalency of course;  just pointing out the improbability of the success of Isiah’s words without divine guidance.  In any case, the lesson is never invoke PDT to make a point in mixed company.

OK, we leave Saturday.  Really.  It’s time to take this trip seriously.  I wonder if I have a suitcase…? I had to throw my China bag away due to ripped zippers and wear and tear.  Might be prudent to look at inventory… Bur just hate to rush these things.


I couldn’t resist that one.  

Mike told me some folks might be studying video game addiction as a disease.  I might be able to get in on a study. program  Free games, medication and a stipend.  Woo hoo… sign me up.

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