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Bad day...

Some day are clearly better than others.  Yesterday we reluctantly decided not to make the trip to Asheville for Thanksgiving.  As I told Matthew, we really, really hate to let the virus dictate or lives.  But after several recounts of the votes for and against an abundance of caution, the caution won.  Fraud, although suspected, was not proven.


More bad news that the two foster sisters in our care do have heart worms.  While this is not a death sentence (as it was in the past), it is a lengthy and uncomfortable treatment regime with significant risk.  On the bright side, had the girls not been rescued from abominable conditions they would certainly have died in misery in the near future.  As it is they have a bright future and will find a loving forever home.

I saw an interesting quote in my reading this morning to the effect that the biden administration and all that implies will no doubt stimulate a Trump like series of candidates for 2024.  That will probably lead to the news interpreters speaking nostalgically of the good old Trump in relation to the radical right candidates emerging.

I read a weekly column on PowerLine written by a retired comedienne, who is quite funny and generally subdued in her vitriol.  Here’s a quote:

 "Joe Biden is a mean, bullying, corrupt unindicted influence peddler, fraudulent charity runner, lying, racist, creepy plagiarist who is just a stand-in for Obama 2.0. He will NEVER be my President, just a nasty Resident-Elect for a Memory Care Unit.”  

Wish I had said that.


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