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Bad day…?

If you think your day was tough, consider Colt McCoy.  He is/was the backup QB for the Washington Redskins.  After 5 years as a backup with little or no playing time, the principal QB suffered a broken leg - out for the season.  McCoy gets his chance.  He actually gets to practice with the team.  He starts the game, then gets hit. Ouch... a broken leg - out, not just for the season but probably just out.  All of his dreams had come true and whack… McCoy is a good guy and a Christian.  Will he be asking why me Lord…? I’m betting he’ll be greatful for what he had and go on to do whatever God has in mind. 

I sort of overlooked hussein and his constant whining about how HE fixed the economy and HE created jobs and HE made the US into a world class oil exporter. " Say Thank You" were his actual words.  But we all know he is a hyper egotist who inadequacies are too many to enumerate.  His only success I was able to discover was his ability to get the news interpreters to trip over each other in their need to kiss his … Anyway I was gong to continue to ignore it all until I saw this one:

I have to lead the next two Sunday School classes on the topic of the life of Joseph, the husband of Mary and stand-in father of Jesus.  Actually I am picking up the thread after two previous classes on the same topic.  History texts and The Gospels have little to say about the man short of his willingness to accept Mary and Gabriel's story of virginity, and the trip with the aforementioned to Bethlehem.  All of that was pretty well covered in the first two lessons.  So that leaves me with two hours to fill on the topic.  I got nothin’…

 I do plan to use this cartoon:


Class act.  That’s the Bush family.  The democrats would love to have the family ignore PDT in the same manner as McCain so he could be derided in all of the eulogy speeches.  But the Bush family even though they are in full contempt of the way the Donald has treated them, are Christian in their forgiveness in honor of their great patriarch.  The politics of compassionate conservatism has always seemed weak to me, but not the sincerity of its advocacy.

Lena has one more week in her plastic cone.  Her stitches come out next Tuesday.  The she goes home with her new family and we’ll be a one-dog family.  Better than a no-dog family but I am already in mourning for the day when we lose Roscoe.  My pacemaker may not be able to handle it.

Music is such an amazing force.  Yesterday I played a couple of hymns for a friend with Alzheimers.  Even though she is almost catatonic, as she listened to the music her lips moved slightly as if to mouth the words of Amazing Grace.

Oh yeah, someone needs to unclog the kitchen sink and put up the outside Angel and dog.  And while they are at it, get out the lighted garland for the banisters and find the carolers that are hidden in the attic somewhere. Who’s doing that…?  Hmmmm…. no answer…

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