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Bad judgement

I played golf Tuesday and yesterday.  Wiped me out.  Sometimes I think I might be getting old.

Not much to rant about this morning.  The FBI report was apparently benign which of course displeased the stupid among us.  The whining from democrats is exceeded only the unnecessary rhetoric from PDT. The man could use a good case of STFU… On the other hand it’s really good that he is our guy.


There have been so many great cartoons, I’ll almost be disappointed when this is over.


I went in to have my pacemaker checked out this morning. Pretty impressive tech.  They made a couple of tweaks because apparently my machine thought I was experiencing afib which is not my issue.  I told them that my apple watch would be able to do EKG’s.  All I got was a smirk from the nurse.  She urged me not to give up on human intervention and care.

Tomorrow Lena gets a visit from an interested family.  Hoo boy… It gets harder every time…

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