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Bad Morning

Sadly  we got the news GHW Bush had passed.  Lives are short, extremely short on a galactic scale.  I think he made the most of his.

I made reference yesterday to the California practice of vote harvesting.  That’s where a third party is allowed to collect, harvest, voters ballots and drop them off at the polling place.  That practice is illegal as voter fraud in most states, but in California where over a million illegals have a state issued drivers license, a law passed in 2016 by, guess who… the democrats makes it legal.  You know, count every vote,  even those you have to manufacture.  Count votes until you get the outcome you want.  

Apparently a similar rule exists in the SpecProc domain.  Harvest and investigate crimes until you find the one you want.

Perhaps it’s a sign of our age or maybe of the times.  We had a single-malt scotch and fudge sundae pie party last night.  Bonnie and Joe of course and another couple from our Sunday School class.  It really had nothing to do with democrats, although we all share a common contempt.  It just seemed like a good idea and the more we sampled the better the idea.  The 18 year old Glenlivet was acclaimed, although the 14 year old Oban ran high on the list.  The pie and conversation came in tops.

I know you and I both want to believe the FBI is clean and proper and serves the pursuit of Justice without prejudice.  But their campaign against PDT belies that hope.  And then they double down and raid the home of the reporter who blew a whistle on the FBI negligence in pursuing the clinton foundation and the Uranium One matter.  What is that smell…?

Even as the green tarnish begins to accumulate on the clinton reputation, they still retain that golden immunity from law enforcement.  There was a pathetic op-ed in the WSJ this morning by Peggy Noonan.  "Reflection of Impeachment 20 years later".  She fundamentally says billy was really a good guy who just should have confessed his sins and have been forgiven.  No one wanted him impeached, even if he committed perjury, rape and other assorted sexual crimes.  Justice…?  I don’t think so.  Hmmmm… same odor… Blech...

The cartoons were especially weak this morning.  Not even a chuckle to be had.  There was some truth though:


Army-Navy in a week… Who stole November and what did they do with it…

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