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One wonders just how much abuse can the people take…?  I find our situation analogous to the abused woman whose life is a continuous hell, yet takes the man back repeatedly on promises of better behavior.  The democrats spend the first week in power deliberately destroying thousands of jobs for reasons of theology alone.  And then they promise rehabilitation with an abundance of green energy jobs… Does Solyndra ring a bell…?  In other words I am only beating you for your own good.  Trust me… your wounds and broken bones will make you stronger…  Sadly the usual end of the story is the death of the victim and the reelection of the abuser.

In other news, Scott and his family dodged a bullet.  Tika had been meeting regularly with a group of friends.  Two of them came down with the wuhan… Tika was afraid she had it but they all tested negative. If only they had learned to double or better yet triple their masks...


I’d love to comment on the GameStop - venture capitalist story but I am not going to expose my stupidity to that extent.  Based on the reaction:  FaceBook shutting down investor conversations; the Robin Hood app denying trades in certain stocks, and the fire and wrath from Wall Street, I would say that the little guy poked the elite traders right in the… well… It was obviously painful.


In any case I still don’t have a PS5 and it appears I won’t be shopping at GameStop.

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