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climate today.  Clear, cool and bright.  This, contrasted to the steady rains of the past several weeks or months, is what VaBch was supposed to be.  That was before AGW, Climate Change, the rising seas and the need to protest the National Anthem. Not to mention spies in the Trump campaign.

I was thinking about the doctrine that holds that Man can control his environment.  You know, stop the rising seas, raise or lower the temperature depending on whether AGW or AGC is your disaster of choice.  Given that enormous power, why doesn’t mankind (gender unspecified of course) simply stop the spewing of hot lava from the volcano in Hawaii.  After all the effects of the eruption are degrading the atmosphere not to mention the flora and fauna in the vicinity. Don’t even get me started on acid rain. This seems to meet all qualifications for the intervention of the environmentalists among us.  TO ARMS, I say’; yea even shout.

I don’t watch CNN for reasons I have made abundantly clear.  In Summary:  right wing barbarian, nut case. Yesterday while eating lunch in the club house post-golf, CNN was on the community TV set.  The anti-PDT vitriol spilled out and soiled my food as I watched in captivity.  The aura of hate was intense.  But I survived and found this cartoon to represent the experience:

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Mei Mei and I have our annual visit with our financial advisor today.  We may or may not be indigent; we  simply don’t know until she tells us.  Hoping for the best.  

I struck the ball well yesterday but putted in a manner than can only be labelled hacker.  I had several 4 foot putts for either birdie or par that went astray.  After missing one such on the last hole, I groused aloud: Wow.  How many of those did I miss today…?  My playing partner looked askance and said: “Only all of them…”  

aa© Robert Graham 2012