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Believe it or not

We have been busy.  Yesterday we had to take our foster in for an orthopedic consult.  We thought he had ACL issues.  The vet now requires you to wait in the car; they will pick up the  pet and then deliver him back to you.  It was almost two hours waiting.  We found out his ACL is fine but he may have neurologic issues with his spine.  In any case we avoided the surgery.  We will have a neurologist consult when less confined to quarters. 

This morning I had to have the stitches removed from my surgery.  The traffic was light so I was early.  I was seem immediately and was out 5 minutes later.  There are some benefits to solitary confinement.

You probably mossed it because the news interpreters are focused exclusively on trying to make this mess into a Trumporona.  The DOJ IG, Horowitz, blasted the FBI over their handling of all FISA requests.  The sloppiness and complete disregard for the safeguards required were appalling.  The comey legacy is quite justifiably down the crapper.  What a massive loser that guy is.

Our island of virus free real estate continues to protect us.  I saw an article that said dogs are not subject to the virus but cats were.  We are feline free…  

I understand this tendency to label the virus with its Chinese origins is generating a fear of viralphobia.  Not fair to condemn all viruses just because of the unreasonable condemnation of the one from wuhan… 


I sympathize with and tip my hat to those families stuck with with kids while trying to work from home.  Got to be wearing…


I have some great cartoons about the democrats and the trumporona… I will save them for when my need to release my anti-dem rants exceeds my self-control .  That will be soon.


© Robert Graham 2012