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Benign Thursday.

Lets see…. Tuesday I had nothing to say and a doctor’s appointment to boot.  Wednesday was golf… Played ok but was above my age by three.   In other news, we are getting a new foster next week,  Ginger, a 9 year old female.  She is not from Turkey; presumably just a local  democrat.  The oil smell in the back of the car has diminished somewhat.  Sigh…

There was an article in the morning reading, suggesting Americans yearn for a different type of governance.  Seems shocking that folks would disown a system that created the most prosperous and successful of the modern geographic gatherings of nationalistic people.  But in considering the argument I have to concede logic favors the proposition.  The system by which Americans are governed resembles only vaguely that implemented by the bigoted, slave owning, statesmen known as the Founding Fathers.  I am pretty sure they envisioned self-sacrificing citizens who would come together in the best interests of all citizens.  Justice would be assured because those serving would be fair minded.  No one would want or be required to make a career of this sacrificial service.

I suspect those dreams were corrupted from the beginning.  Certainly as soon as power was discovered to be a dimension of service.  And so now we, the American People, are governed by those who care little or nothing about the common good.  The congress exempts themselves from the the laws they pass to control us, the American People.  Persons who serve often come from modest means only to depart that service, wealthy beyond their dreams.  Government grows into whatever space that offers power, control or wealth.  Justice, an easy conception and a guarantee from the Constitution, is simply a commodity.  One can buy it if one has money or power.  Those who neither, have only a formidable God to protect them and that is often more a mystery than realized Justice.

Yeah.  We need a change.  Those crazed liberals whose screaming arguments about the elite and the unfairness of the system in favor of the rich speak an element of truth.  But we have seen and know the system they advocate corrupts absolutely. Revolution is inevitable; it is in our DNA.  Won’t happen until after I am old and gone, but happen it will.  In the interim the best we can hope for is the megalomanic in the White House, who is deficient in almost every moral category except true service to the American Ideals effected by the Constitution and those previously described Founding Fathers.

Whew… Where does this stuff come from anyway…?  


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