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Better mood

I’ve ben grouchy for the past couple of days.  Although the elaborate WiFi system installed by by Son-in-law Steve last year, is working just fine, the component that allows remote access to the system controls and statistics suddenly stopped working.  Not a really big deal but unfortunately there didn’t seem to be a way to access the system locally.  So I have been  about the task of recovering the so called Cloud Key.  

The documentation was dense and assumed a high level of technical vocabulary and understanding. Unfortunately in my hay day when I was reasonably current, a network was two tin cans connected by a long piece of string.  So I attempted the dreaded  tech support call.  Yeah… No phone support.  But they did provide on line chat.  I guess that prevents the detection of the Indian accents… Anyway I started the process about 10:30 yesterday. A brief break for lunch and continued intercourse with the Ubiquiti folks well into the afternoon.  They of course had me restart, reset, power up, power down; the things even an idiot like myself already tried.  They had me change computers, turn off firewalls, asked me questions that might as well have been in their native language because I had no idea: Is the gibberwittz polar compatible with the  with hasenpfeffer binary when indicator is flashing purple…?  You get the idea…  Actually they kept sending me a link to a document on how to configure a network for dummies…

Finally in desperation I emailed Steve.  Anyone who knows Steve won’t be surprised;  Steve solved the  problem, recovered from back-up a file he had saved from the installation a year ago and had the system up and running in about an hour.  All this from Alexandria…  I am in awe...  Thanks Steve.

Headline in the V-P this morning: "Most Virginians Favor Continuation of Impeachment Investigation”


Deep in the article it was stated that 51% favor and 49% against… but the V-P takes its feed from the WP.  In any case it appears that the dem strategy of screaming the sky is falling every 10 seconds is having their desired effect.  

I am sure one of the questions people asked before 2016 was: can you image Donald Trump as President…?  Now I ask: Can you image Elizabeth Warren as President…?  Frightening…

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