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Big Day

Jackson graduates from boot camp this morning.  Awaiting the live stream which will be on at 9:30 because I forgot Chicago is in the Central time zone.  Hopefully, I will have pictures to post.

While I wait, I’d like to comment on the magic of disappearing news.  Recall a year or two back when Rep Scalise was almost murdered by a left wing activist…?  It took less than 24 hours for the story to fade from view.  I wonder why that was…? I mean the shooters motives were never established…  Yeah…This morning I looked for news of the SpecProc hearing…. All gone… I wonder why…I mean the democrat’s motives were never established…


My Lady of the Word, Kimberly, nicely deconstructs the mueller attempts at safeguarding the secret full out assault on PDT by the FBI, CIA and DOJ under the guidance of hussein…  It’s rather ironic to me that those whom the news interpreters consider bastions of integrity… ie… comey and mueller, turned out to be partisan crusaders hell bent of the destruction of PDT.  Somehow the greatness of AGBarr escapes their scrutiny as it turns out he is really the one who with strength of character and that mystical quality off integrity.  Let’s all pray for truth and the American Way that his quest is not interrupted by agents of evil…

The final steps in completing the deck, the mounting of the rails in in progress.  I hope to have pictures of that as well.  So far I am very satisfied and wish I had sprung for the cost several years ago.

IMG 2111

Late entry:

IMG 2116

Jackson is middle of the picture at the tip of the flag.

IMG 2115



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