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I took Lena in for stitch removal and she is cleared from wearing the hateful cone.  Then I dropped her off at her new home.  That was painful but she will be happy and we’ll get over it.  

We had a social weekend.  The A-N party was a bit subdued this year.  No one expected Navy to win the game but it was depressing even so.  Oddly, I received more commiserations from friends and church mates over the game than we did for the loss of Harry.  

The weather last night was grim; cold, driving rain with gusting winds. Even so we went with Bonnie and Joe to see the Shedd family orchestra at Church.  It was well worth hazarding the weather.  6 of the 8 children played magnificent music along with Dad and Mom.  All strings and vocals; so very beautiful.  The two missing kids got stuck at college because of the weather.

As I understand it from the weekend interpretations, the high crimes have been discovered and proven and so PDT is pretty much on his way out.  The only thing keeping him upright is a few missing facts and ithe SpecProc is sorting all of that out, even if he has to make up a few.  So when the new congress that the Great American Public put in place, gets their hands on the wheel, stand by for the bells of impeachment.  Can't hardly wait because if the Nation seems divided now just wait for 2019…

I got past the Joseph lesson yesterday and now have less than a week to prepare another on the Christmas Story.  Can’t decide whether to go as a shepherd or wear angels wings.  Yeah, I know.  The donkey costume beckons.

Anyway with the Christmas story on my mind, I ran across this cartoon:


Stay warm - unless you live in Jakarta of course.

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