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That’s a state of mind.  Mine in particular.  I am fighting the running sinus, sore throat, hacking cough, yada, yada.  Nasal flushes, Zycam, zinc lozenges, vitamin C…  My Mom used to gives us brandy and honey for cough.  Best I can do is single malt and low calorie sweetener…

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I did watch the GHWB memorial service yesterday.  I happened to turn it on as they were preparing to carry in the casket.  I could not turn away from it. Some stupid commentator remarked that only in the US is there such pomp and circumstance…  dufuss…   It was magnificent and every minute well deserved.

Take-aways.  I’m sure most watching were in awe of the eulogies given. One always wonders what will be said at one’s own funeral… too late to worry at this point, but it would nice to be remembered for more than being one of the best pixel shooters in the almost old age group.  Of course as GHWB’s dedication to friends, self sacrifice for the good of the Nation and his long and faithful marriage were being lauded, one could not help but look at the clintons and full-of-himself hussein.  I won’t be around for their eulogies but you can bet they won’t be given under oath…


Today is the last day for the scratch-off.  I guess I won’t be getting a new iMac quite yet. Too bad because one of the scratches revealed a 10%.  Bad timing.

The evils of FaceBook continue to leak out… As with all things of this nature, if the evil we know is frightening, that which is still unrevealed would cause panic in the streets.  Clearly this guy Zuckerberg would give lucifer a run for his money.  In fact it could be postulated that the only reason, he hasn’t gone to Hell is FaceBook has penetrated the networks down there and he’s actually got the goods on the Evil One himself…

This morning I got an email from one of my golf partners suggesting a tee time for tomorrow morning.  I responded negatively pleading ill health and noting the unsavory temperatures.  Then I realized the email was from sometime in early November.  Verizon-AOL strikes again.  Believe me, as soon as I get old Joseph settled and in the can, I intend to go full bore on eliminating that particular e-mail service.


Maybe single-malt and sugar free syrup…?

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