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Brief one today

WRT to p*b  tripping on the steps. the memes go on forever.  But of course the truth has to come out at some point:

Bonnie had us over for some spectacular vegetable soup last night.  Joe also had a spectacular single malt to share.  Great evening.

I started reading “The Deep Rig” by Patrick Byrne.  The book documents the corruption of the last election.  I haven’t trad very far but the evidence he has presented so far is horrifying.  I have always maintained that the “cabal" theory of manipulation of the ballots was unlikely because it would have to involve too many people and it would all leak.  But that is the theory he proffers and so far has made a case based on copious anecdotal evidence.  I have yet to be convinced he isn’t another conspiracy nut job but I may be yet.  The tone of the book is rational, without hysterics.  More to come after I finish the read.

Just when I was getting serious about my taxes, m the gummit gives me another month…  Is that fair…?

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