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Bright morning

After a stormy night.  We had wind and rain; actually more of both than from the prior hurricane.  We woke to a crisp sunny morning more like early September than mid-October.  Hmmm... Maybe this is September and those lost days have been found.

We lost power for about 40m minutes last night and coincidentally lost internet.  Apparently Cox cannot sustain service when the wind blows. Getting information from Cox requires submitting my pacemaker password and bank account data.  Not really but close.  All I wanted to know was whether or not service was out.  They need a sworn affidavit from a California judge and at least one golden retriever as collateral.  To make matters worse, my computer shut down when we lost power, and would not start up.  I prayed a little; patted it on the power switch and screamed at it.  Finally I unplugged the power and left it off as I considered the nightmare involved in buying a new machine and trying to restore from backups.  Just for grins I plugged it back in and it powered up as if to say: I’m in charge here and I’ll start up when I feel like it…

No WSJ this morning so I had to get my Kimberly fix by using my phone as hot spot to read online.  She once again nails the FBI and their collusion with the bb hil campaign.  The sleaze just drips off that organization.  Will we ever know the truth…?  Certainly not if the democrats get power…

I’m not sure I have the band width to upload cartoons.   There are several goods ones on the news interpreters take on the use of the word mob.  Evidently when liberals rage and pillage in the streets, encouraged by leading democrats, it is politically incorrect to refer to them as a mob.  That word is reserved for Tea Party conservatives who not only do not rage but actually clean up after themselves. 

The real tragedy here is I cannot log on to play my video game.  Cox hates my success.  

Am I allowed to console myself with single malt if the internet is out…?  OK maybe not but I can nap.

aa© Robert Graham 2012